Fri, 30 Dec 2005 04:39:24

The college of clowns (the city council) and Mayor C Ray continue to shilly shally, lollygag and procrastinate about the placement of FEMA trailers.  They need more meetings to decide.

Earth to city council: it is 4 months to the day since the storm hit. This should have been settled 2 months ago but y’all were too busy fighting and being generally incompetent to notice.  The Mayor and Council share the blame equally: neither could organize a two car funeral.

These feckless pols should also stop blaming their constituents for the delay and accept responsibility. I know a lot about this issue: one of the trailer sites is 3 blocks from my house. Yes there is some NIMBY sentiment here BUT many people are willing to suck it up and make a short term sacrifice for the greater good.  The same cannot be said for our elected officials. Incompetence in government is an old tradition here in NOLA (and in W’s DC as well) but it’s one we can no longer afford. The proverbial buck that Harry Truman was so fond of talking about doesn’t stop in the neighborhoods it stops at city hall. Yo clowns and C Ray: stop passing the buck and lead.

Obviously I’m feeling polemical and not funny tonight. Ineptitude has that effect on me. There will be much more on this issue in the coming weeks.


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