Recallin’ Governor Meemaw/Recovery Merlot

Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:09:56 “It’s a very slow day here in the Quarters so that makes it an ideal time to blogviate. (Note: The plural on the Quarter was NOT a typo. Purt near every black New Orleanian I have ever met uses the plural form. It’s one of our many charming quirks.)

Item-1 Recallin’ Governor Meemaw: Someone in St. Martinville” deep in Cajun country has filed a recall petition with Secretary of State Not Fox’s office. Kat Landry claims NOT to be an activist Republican which could be true: I would think that the state Republican party would rather not do anything that could result in Lt. Gov Mitch Landrieu being the next Democratic candidate for Governor. Mitch would be a *much* stronger candidate as well as a better Governor than Meemaw. Of course the Louisiana Republican party are the folks who found themselves stuck with David Duke at the top of their ticket in the 1991 statewide election. Former Secretary of State Fox McKeithen was the only Repub to survive the carnage. Back to modern times I’m not really sure how the succession process works here after a recall and I’m feeling too lazy to check it out right now. Suffice it to say that I’d prefer that Governor Meemaw make way for Mitchell (only his Senatorial sister and now me  calls him that.) There’s also pressure on the Lt. Gov to take another shot at running for Mayor of New Orleans. He ran back in 1994 and finished third in the first round. I’d rather have him run for Governor myself. It’s very frustrating that one of our most gifted pols is stuck in the essentially powerless post of Lt. Gov.  Plus Mitchell is a helluva good singer and now that we no longer have the Singin’ D.A. (Harry Connick Sr) it’s high time we have a Singin’ Governor for the first time since the unlamented reign of Jimmie (I Didn’t Really Write My Most Famous Song I Bought It From Some Poor Dumb Schmuck) Davis.


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