Daily Archives: January 16, 2006

Second Line Blues

Mon, 16 Jan 2006 21:51:52

Item-1 Getting Back To Normal Isn’t Always A Good Thing: We all crave normality in Debrisville but some things that *used* to be normal here pre-K we could do without. Yesterday for first time in eons the local newscasts led with the story of a shooting in New Orleans. It happened at a second line put on by several social aid and pleasure clubs (including Zulu) in Mid-City.  The second line was held to celebrate the renewal of the city instead three people were wounded. Some celebration; some renewal. According to the story in the TP:

“the root of incidents like the one Sunday Jenkins said is the tendency of some individuals to use big gatherings to retaliate against their enemies: “Out of 50 second-lines 39 to 40 are going to have a shooting ” he said. “If I’ve got a beef with you I can guarantee you I’m going to see you at a second-line.”

It was a hell of a thing to have happened on Martin Luther King’s *actual* birthday   January 15. There was an excellent piece today by syndicated columnist Cynthia Tucker about how the current craze for thug/gangsta culture dishonors Dr. King’s memory. This idiotic craze also leads to episodes like Sunday’s shooting. Finally on this topic Mayor C Ray said something sensible today (hey it happens) he called the shooters “knuckleheads.”

Item 2 Lions and Witches and Wardrobes Oh My: Dr. Adrastos has wanted to see “The Chronicles Of Narnia” for awhile and I like going to the movies on holidays so that’s what we did. It was pretty good. That Anthony Hopkins is a helluva writer with a pretty skewed imagination. Oh that’s right he played CS Lewis in a movie. Never mind. I get confused easily. I’m sure y’all have noticed that already.

I thought that the adorable Georgie Henley as Lucy and Tilda Swinton as the not so adorable white witch were the standouts in the cast. Tilda had really scary hair and some damn strange headresses; especially that tower of ice thing. And the fantastical creatures of Narnia were well fantastic. It was also fun to hear the voices of Rupert Everett as the fox and Ray Winstone as the cockney beaver. I did not know that they had beavers on the East End of London. Ya learn something new every day…

Note to the Christian Right: I did not feel the need to either change my party affiliation or to be born again after seeing the movie. I do however wish that your bible-thumping leader/President would take note of the fact that in the early scenes of “Narnia” we saw people make *sacrifices* because it was wartime. Imagine that.

Note to football fans: We saw ex-Saints head coach Jim Haslett and his very blonde family outside the theatre after the movie. He doesn’t have any eyebrows in person either…

Anyway it’s time to grade “Narnia.”  I give it a solid B.