C Ray & The Chocolate Factory

C Ray & The Chocolate Factory Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:28:18

It’s a wet dreary and miserable day here in Chocolate City. The sort of day that could turn truffles into syrup. To ease the gloom  my friend Jen the Photographer sent me a link to a brilliant graphically spiffy parody that sticks C Ray’s face on Johnny Depp’s body. C Ray is the satirist’s gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Mayor Wonka.
Item-1 C Ray’s Chocolate City Waffle House: This just in courtesy of a WWL breaking news email: “Mayor Ray Nagin has apologized for some of his remarks and said he felt sorry if anyone was alienated. He admitted some statements like the one about not caring what those in Uptown think were wrong but he stands by his message that blacks are wanted back in New Orleans.”
Ahh that’s the C Ray we all know and um…something or other. I sometimes wonder how well C Ray knows his own city. Uptown is just as chocolaty delicious as other parts of the City. I guess this ignorance comes from hanging out with all those Uptown Momus/Comus/Rex/Chamber Of Commerce types. My neighborhood is tres racially and socio-economically mixed as is much of Uptown. Maybe C Ray is one of those folks who confuses the Garden District with Uptown as a whole. If so what is he doing as our Mayor? A question that many of us in Debrisville ask on a daily basis.
Item-2 C Ray & The Chocolate Factory: The Back Story- My non-NOLA readers are probably asking why is C Ray so insecure and so intent on proving his blackness? It has to do with the coalition that elected him and the people who have opposed him from the beginning. C Ray was elected by a coalition of whites and middle-class black voters. He’s never had a lot of support in the proverbial hood. He was a businessman so he’s most comfortable in the company of other COC types.
Last year two local black ministers denounced C Ray for being insufficiently down with the homeys. Bishop Paul Morton in fact said that Nagin was a white man in a black man’s body. Ever since then C Ray has been working overtime to prove his down home bona fides; yesterday’s speech was just the latest and most OTT example of this. Earth to C Ray: Consider the source of the claims that you’re not black enough. Bishop Morton is a bigot: one of the leading homophobes in the city who got lots of national pub last year for his strident denunciations of gay marriage. The other primary ministerial critic Rev. Watson invited Louis Farrakhan to his church last weeknd to address a “rebuilding seminar.” This is the company he keeps: the anti-semite who Malcolm X’s family has long believed organized Malcolm’s murder.
The irony of all this criticism of C Ray’s allegedly inadequate blackness is the contrast of his background with that of his predecessor at City Hall Marc Morial. Nagin came from a working-class family who preached that education and self-reliance were the key to rising in American society. C Ray heeded his parents’ advice and rose. Morial  who is considered the tribune of African-American New Orleans comes from an elite well-connected black Creole family. His father Dutch Morial of course was the first black Mayor of New Orleans. Nagin is dark-skinned whereas Morial is light-skinned. Perception is obviously everything.
Item-3 C Ray Sez: God Is Mad At America- While I agree with C Ray’s critique of the Iraqi war disaster this is not exactly the way to win friends and influence people in the Repub controlled federal government; especially when moderate Maine Repub Senator Susan Collins is criticzing the federal response to suffering on the Gulf Coast. Attagirl Senator.
I’m also unsure as to why C Ray’s God would punish Debrisville for W’s wicked wicked ways when John Kerry got 80% of the vote here. C Ray’s God and Pat (the Putz) Robertson’s God really need to take a meeting and try to deal with their wrath and smiting issues…


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