C Ray’s Chocolate City

Tue, 17 Jan 2006 04:28:21

I hadn’t planned to blog again tonight until watching the 10 O’Clock News on WDSU. I’m usually a WWL person but lately I’ve been tuning in at 10 to get WDSU’s tougher slightly tabloidy take on the news.

Enough exposition today Mayor C Ray put his foot in his mouth again by saying that God wanted New Orleans to be a chocolate city. I thought it was funny myself; just C Ray being C Ray which means saying something dumb without thinking. WDSU ran a survey on its web site tonight that found that 94% of the 14 000+ people who answered the question as of 10:30 thought C Ray’s chocolate city comment was “inappropriate.” Me I woulda used the word goofy. Besides a chocolate city is a yummy city. Who wants to live in a yucky liver or cauliflower city? Not me.

After an uproar began to build C Ray tried to spin the comment; badly as usual. If Bill Clinton is the artful dodger C Ray is the inartful dodger. He told WDSU’s Ed Reams that he was talking about hot chocolate which he makes by stirring chocolate into white milk. In short a chocolate city is a racially diverse city. Thanks for clearing that up Mayor Willy Wonka.

As a satirist today’s comments made me as giddy as a 12 year old schoolgirl but the semi-sober semi-responsible adult in me is groaning. It’s typical of C Ray to say something silly and then insult the public’s intelligence with a preposterous explanation. I’d prefer it if he would just one time stick to his guns after saying something controversial even if he’s dead wrong;  at least he’d show that he believes in something anything. But unlike the band Hot Chocolate I don’t “believe in miracles since you came along you sexy thing.” I think instead that  I’ll just follow Neil and Tim Finn’s advice and have another piece of chocolate cake.  <end of semi-obscure and semi-coherent pop music references and this blog entry>”


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