Wed, 25 Jan 2006 21:47:21

Item-1 Bush To Louisiana: Drop Dead– I’m paying tribute to the 1975 headline in the New York Daily News Ford To New York: Drop Dead. President Jerry (The Bad Golfer) Ford declined to bail out the big apple’s shaky finances because he didn’t like the folks who ran the city or the state who just happened to be Democrats. Sound familiar?

Yesterday President Beavis’ Katrina non-Tsar (why is it always a Tsar and never a Kaiser or Sultan or Grand Vizier) Donald Powell informed U.S. Rep. Richard Baker (R-Baton Rouge) that the White House would not support his bill to bail out homeowners whose properties were destroyed by the storm and subsequent Corps of Engineers created flood. Powell claimed that the bill is as useless as he is. Baker has vowed to try and pass it anyway. Good luck Mr. Baker. You could try arm-wrestling with Speaker/Coach Denny (The Bug Man’s Bobo) Hastert. I think you could take him.

Interestingly some of the people who this bill would have helped are Lakeview Gentilly and St. Bernard voters who supported the Beavis-Duce ticket. Many of those folks *actually* believed Beavis when he lied through his teeth in Jackson Square back in September. It’s too bad that war hero and straight-shooter   Andy Jackson isn’t around to kick Bush’s lying chickenhawk ass. Actually Old Hickory would have challenged Beavis to a duel: Imagine Karl Rove and “Bar” Bush as his seconds.  Ah the good old days when macho Presidents were genuinely butch as opposed to frat boys with famous mommies and daddies. Of course I wouldn’t turn my back in a dark alley on Mater Bush; she’s a tough old bird with a beak of steel.

Item-2 Bush To Senate: Drop Dead– The White House continues to stonewall Congressional requests for information about its role in making the Katrina mess worse than it already was. How dare the Senate act like an independent branch of government. How dare a Repub committee chairwoman Susan Collins NOT be subservient. The nerve.

Item-3 Brownie The Patsy- Former FEMA fashion god Michael Brown is looking more and more like W’s fall guy.  FEMA is being somewhat more co-operative with Senator Collins’ committee than the White House and Pentagon. A FEMA report sent to the White House two days before Katrina hit warned how dangerous the storm was likely to be. In fact according to the TP Brownie himself was worried: “On Aug. 27 and 28 Brown repeatedly warned state local and federal emergency workers on the conference call to expect the worst. “My gut tells me this is a bad one and a big one ” he said on the call the day before landfall.”

Loyalty is always a one-way street with people like President Beavis. Brownie fell on his sword to protect his monarch. But where was his liege when Brownie needed him? When Katrina hit King George The W was of course on vacation at his ranch in Texas dodging Cindy Sheehan and laughing at his own jokes. Heh heh heh.


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