Calling Bob Weir

Mon, 30 Jan 2006 20:30:58

Well, a few minutes after I blogged this morning Mrs. Moron drove off in the Moronmobile. They seem to be moving at a record pace for them: a mere 6 days instead of 13. When the first Moron watch ended I quoted Marty Balin this time it’s the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir’s turn: I need a miracle everyday. And apparently I got one. It’s not exactly the immaculate conception but hey I’ll take it. I was beginning to think that “Touch Of Grey” would be more fitting but that’s a Garcia-Hunter song and Jerry’s hard to get ahold of these days alas. Perhaps the Morons planned to move  faster but were too busy reading Strindberg for their next coffee klatch with Harvard Boy. And Harvard Boy is a stern taskmaster…

Speaking of the Weir-Barlow tune “I Need A Miracle ” it was a catch phrase used by bedraggled Deadheads seeking tickets outside sold-out arenas man. Sometimes it worked too man. Ah the things I recall from my misspent youth man; frankly it’s amazing that I remember anything at all man. But there’s no truth to the rumor that I ever liked patchouli oil or played hacky-sack.  Of course patchouli oil does serve as an excellent hippie detector if detecting hippies is your thing. It’s not mine that’s a job for Guy Noir or Mike Hammer. Probably not Mike Hammer: he’d pour the patchouli oil down some poor hippies’ throat and shove incense sticks up their nose. I can’t have such a thing on my conscience.


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