Mon, 30 Jan 2006 05:35:58

Well I owe Hornets Coach Byron Scott an apology of sorts. I thought he was talking out of turn when he said that his hoopsters should play “where the wind comes sweeping down the plain” next season and maybe longer. It turns out that he wasn’t freelancing but spouting the company line. His boss George (Kick Me In The) Shinn spouted the same line in a rather snarky encounter with the press after Saturday night’s whupping of the Memphis Grizzlies. (The NBA *really* needs to let teams change their nicknames more easily after they relocate. There were Grizzlies *near* Vancouver but who the hell ever heard of a Grizzly in Memphis with the possible exception of Issac Hayes. And don’t get me started about the Utah Jazz. They oughta be the Utah Polygamists.)

After being good at first while exiled “where the wild wheat sure smells sweet ” Shinn seems to be reverting to the form that made him the most unpopular person in Charlotte North Carolina. He’s lucky in one regard: there’s a long list of people competing to be the least popular person in Debrisville. I think Shinn is behind Archie Bunker Benson Brownie President Beavis Aaron Brooks Governor Meemaw and C Ray but he’s got a chance to move up (down?) the list.

Since the Hornets owner kicked us when we’re down I hereby administer a virtual kick in the Shinn. <whack>”


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