Ruby Tuesday Meets Tuesday Weld

Tue, 31 Jan 2006 17:24:00

Yeah I know the title has got bupkis to do with my topics. Wanna make something of it? Remember I have the Z-Man to work you over legally and Mike Hammer to do so extra-legally. In the immortal words of Bela Lugosi in Glen Or Glenda: “Beware take care.” They don’t make junkies like Bela any more: modern junkies don’t have style or values. <end of convoluted Sopranos reference>
Item-1 The Singin’ Mayor? Good news in this morning’s local rag: Singin’ Lt Gov Mitch Landrieu has gotten off the dime and plans to challenge C Ray. While my inner satirist will miss the bumbling blurter-in-chief I’m glad that someone COMPETENT is willing to take on the terrible mess that is City Hall in post-K Debrisville. While I plan to support Mitchell I pledge to mock him when he does something mockable. In short even though I plan to root for the home team I will not be a homer; not even in the Simpsonian sense. Mmmm King Cake. Oops I slipped into Homeric mode. Sorry about that Chief. (Time for a rambling parenthetical aside: Every time I run into the great jazz trumpeter Kermit Ruffins he always calls me Chief. We *have* been introduced but I guess he’s as bad with names as I am.)
It should be a very interesting race: C Ray had raised a cool mill pre-K and Mitchell is one of the few local pols who can raise that kind of dosh post-K. But Peggy Wilson is also a viable candidate who could conceivably get into a run-off with either C Ray or Mitchell. Peggy has a lot of white shoe Uptown Repub support which means she’ll be competitive. It wouldn’t shock me if C Ray ran third in a wide-open pedal to the medal  primary. Note to my non-Debrisville readers: there are no party primaries in Louisiana; Repubs and Demos run against one another in the first round. It’s one of many unfortunate legacies from the reign of Le Guv aka Edwin Edwards.
Item-2 Women Of The Storm: A group of prominent New Orleans women has invaded Washington D.C. to lobby members of Congress to get their collective heads out of their asses and give us the help that we need. They’ve also offered members of Congress free passage to Crazytown. I used to work on the Hill and I never met a Congressman who turned down anything free. Way to go ladies.
I’ve linked to an AP story because it calls this group what many of them really are: society women. The local press is bending over backwards to stress the “diversity” of the group. Yes there are Catholics Jews Prots and African-Americans but most of them are upper-middle class and many of them are Momus/Comus/Rex adult deb types. BUT these are precisely the sort of people who will be most effective with Congressional Repubs.  Another note for folks outside NOLA: our high society types are NOT all Tracy Lord/CK Dexter Haven style WASPS; many if not most  of them are Catholics. The same applies to our African-American community which is split (or used to be pre-K) right down the middle between Catholics and Prots. The French founded our city not the Pilgrims. Vive le France.
I do wish however  that the women of the storm  (hereinafter wots another word that even anti-lawyer lawyers gotta use) would have paid more a bit more attention to the Congressional schedule. The House was out of session until today and the wots did most of their invading yesterday. But they *were* offering free stuff so hopefully the staffers they met with will get their bosses to come on down. Let’s convert Debrisville into Junket City.
Btw I loved the blue tarp colored umbrellas that the wots toted around the Capitol. Excellent fashion statement y’all.

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