Wed, 01 Feb 2006 16:21:01

Wow, that title looks like that really long song in the really long movie of “Rent.” In fact it’s the word count of how much time President Beavis devoted to Gulf Coast Recovery in his state of disunion speech. Was I shocked? Hell no the White House has taken a bollocking on this issue and they’d rather it be forgotten. Unfortunately lots of people around here still don’t quite understand that the Beavis-Duce administration wants this story and yes us buried. Senator Landrieu summed it up quite tidily when said that Bush: “Doesn’t get it.”  Hmm I wonder what tune her brother Mitchell might sing in reply? I know: “Baby don’t you do it don’t do it don’t you break my heart pleeease don’t you break my heart.”

Even usually slavish Bush ally Senator D Vingnut was disappointed but motormouth US Rep. Bobby (Fast Talker) Jindal thought the speech was okey-dokey.  Why? Jindal is  likely gearing up for a rematch with Governor Meemaw next year and doesn’t want Earl Turd Blossom of Rove withholding White House support. Rumor has it that Rove may borrow some Cossacks from Vlad (The Impaler) Putin to sack Lafayette (Meemaw’s hometown) on Jindal’s behalf…

I skipped the state of disunion. I can’t stand watching Beavis smirk his way through a speech. Besides he’s *such* a bad public speaker. I actually used to watch the old TV president Ronald Reagan speak. He was usually wrong but frequently entertaining. He had that smooth silky announcer’s voice and that actor’s way of cocking his head to catch the key light. The content was usually a load of rubbish but the delivery was good. Beavis combines bad content big lies and a crappy delivery to make for an excruciating viewing experience. You know things are bad when I start looking at the Reagan years with nostalgia. Hey at least we had the late great Speaker Tip O’Neill to stop the craziest ideas that came out of the White House.


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