Wed, 01 Feb 2006 18:42:19

Yeah I know I promised to be quiet but I just saw the WWL-TV noon news and learned from newsboy Jonathan Betz how much *time* President Beavis devoted to us in his state of disunion speech: 56 seconds. The passage also came 47 minutes into a nearly hour long speech. I suspect that the Singin’ Lt Gov’s musical reply to this might just be: “Shame shame shame shame on you if you can’t dance too.”

One more thing and then I’ll shut up. <cheers erupt in the virtual audience> WWL anchor Sally Ann Roberts   introduced a piece on the local reaction to the speech by saying: “St. Bernard Council President Joey DiFatta [I am not making that name up] expressed disappointment in his Commander-in-Chief.” Yo Sally Ann this President and *any* President is CIC of the armed forces not the American people. The military has to salue the CIC and keep their yaps shut but the people don’t. Bush is NOT a dictator he just thinks that he is. He works for VP Duce after all…


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