Live Blogging: Meemaw On Norman Robinson’s Hot Seat

Tue, 07 Feb 2006 04:40:59

Here’s an experiment in live blogging. To be posted right after the show.

Item-1: It’s Governor Meemaw’s turn on Norman Robinson’s 6 On Your Side Hot Seat. So far she’s spoken in complete sentences. Norman just mentioned Bush. Meemaw scowled as did Norman. Of course Norman always scowls.

The psychedelic thing on the bottom of the screen is wigging me out man. Governor Meemaw on LSD; a scary thing to contemplate. Imagine her listening to “Dark Side Of The Moon” and singing along to “Breathe.”

Norman just asked Meemaw about Emeril calling her a clunk. Meemaw called him a whiner. Nobody knows what the hell a clunk is except for Emeril Lagassbag. BAM.

Meemaw got two dumbshit questions from viewers and dispatched them with some aplomb. Complete sentences abound. Maybe the red suit helps her syntax A dumb phone question now which makes Meemaw look moderately masterful. Mistressful?

Meemaw grades the levees and gives them a C-. Holy shit they’re just like “Syriana.”

Item-2 Clancy Dubos Gambit editor and avatar of the NOLA CW is on now. Clancy asked question on oil lease threat from Meemaw’s speech. Questioner is a Repub who thinks Beavis is God. Clancy shrugs.

Question from “Mookie’ about impact of Chocolate City remark by C Ray. Clancy sez it depends on what happens with C Ray. If he loses we’re unscrewed.

Clancy sez Mitch Landrieu is running and Zooman Forman may run as well.

Clancy sez Bush & Rove *would* punish us for “God’s wrath” remark. Caller is shocked. Norman is giddy…for him.

That’s all folks. Hey if Wonkette can do this why not me? Of course she’s much cuter…



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