Lord Have Mercy On The Frozen Airman

Tue, 07 Feb 2006 19:38:51

Item-1 Lord Have Mercy On The Frozen Airman: It’s frozen guy week here at the Adrastos Virtual Cafe. Last October climbers found the body of a frozen World War II era airman in a Sierra Nevada Mountain glacier. The body had been on ice for 63 years. The other day the remains were identified as those of Leo Mustonen of Brainerd Minnesota. The families of 3 other missing airmen were asked to provide DNA samples so much of the coverage to be Googled was intensely local. Lots of good stories check ’em out. There was a great Keilloresque quote in the LA Times:
“But residents such as Marjorie Freeman a schoolmate of Mustonen and a family friend still remember him well. “He was very nice very quiet — a typical Finn ” she said in an interview last fall. “He didn’t flaunt himself or anything like that.”
I don’t know exactly why but this story really resonated with me. As far as I know none of my relatives spent any time as a glacial popsicle. (Of course I *am* half-Norwegian so anything’s possible. I would think however that the vodka in a Norgie’s bloodstream would thaw them in less than 65 years.) I guess it’s always satisfying when a real life mystery is solved; especially when friends and family are still around. Now that I think of it this story probably struck a chord with me because there are still over 2000 people still listed as MAK missing after Katrina. Hopefully the majority of the missing are still around and have just slipped though the cracks BUT even my icy blue heart goes out to the loved ones of those who are *really* missing. It’s chilly here and the cold makes me as somber as a Norwegian bachelor farmer…
Item-2 You Burn Norway I Burn Denmark: Has anyone else besides Dr A and me noticed that the nutjob anti-Danish protestors in Lebanon and elsewhere are burning the Norwegian flag. Wrong flag wackjobs. Who’da thunk that the tolerant and kindly Danes would ever be controversial. How dare they allow free speech. The bastards…
Maybe the anti-free speech protestors should ignite butter cookies or smash Royal Dansk china instead; at least they’re actually Danish.
Item-3 Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens: It’s the 193rd anniversary of the birth of my main man Charles Dickens. I think that Dickens created more memorable characters than any writer in…uh…memory. And who doesn’t love those zany names? The world would be a poorer place without Mr. Pecksniff Fagin Scrooge Mr. Micawber and Miss Havisham to name just a few. Btw if you’re not watching “Bleak House” on PBS you’re missing out on a terrific Dickens adaptation. There was an excellent ode to this production by Stephanie Zacharek on Salon.com the other day. Check it out or I’ll sic the unctuous Mr. Guppy on you…

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