Meemaw Plays Hardball/The Man From Glad Does Mardi Gras

Tue, 07 Feb 2006 17:16:23

Item-1 Meemaw Plays Hardball: I’ve had a lot of fun mocking Governor Meemaw but she gave a pretty darn good speech last night. The content was first class and the delivery not bad which for her is purt near a home run. She’s apparently decided to emphasize the steely part of the steel magnolia thing. I was glad to see her try the old fashioned method of  dealing with a bully (Prez Beavis) after 5 months of emulating that annoying weenie Dr. Phil. Bullies need to be stood up to; the modern method of trying to get them in touch with their feelings was never going to work with likes of King W and Earl Turd Blossom of Rove. They’re mean bastards and need to be kicked in the head. Good on ya Meemaw. Hmm I wonder if she consulted with Mike Hammer? He’s an excellent spine stiffener.
The Governor also needs to play hardball with the knuckleheads in the legislature. The turnout for the bus tour of the devastation was disappointing. Among the Senators MIA there was an uholy combination of members of the black caucus and Repubs from Northern Louisiana and storm ravaged Baton Rouge; both groups are feuding with Meemaw for different reasons. Seeing is believing y’all.
I’m sick and tired of legislators acting as if the post-K and Rita era is an inconvenience for them rather than a disaster for the state as a whole. Some of them have always hated New Orleans and get a kick out of seeing us on our knees. I hate to tell them that without New Orleans this state is *beyond* a backwater it’s nowheresville.
Item-2 The Man From Glad Does Mardi Gras: For the first time ever Debrisville has been seeking sponsorship for Carnival. I’ve always been opposed to commercializing Mardi Gras BUT as long as the Krewes remain in charge of the parades and things are done tastefully this year is different. We need the money to pay police overtime and to try and keep the city from getting more trashed than it already is.
Unfortunately C Ray hired a private company to find sponsors for a slice of the pie and they haven’t exactly been a roaring success. Thus far they’ve been able to get Glad Bags to donate 100 000 trash bags BUT nobody has stepped up to provide the funds needed. The Man From Glad is a swell guy but we need more help. Perhaps Mr. Clean could pitch in too…
We’re suffering from C Ray’s CEO complex. CEO’s love sub-contractors. What he should really do is pick up the phone and call say the President of Coca-Cola or even better  Steve Jobs at Apple. A direct personal approach might have worked better. I know it’s late in the game for a big ass corporation to sink money into Carnival so you need someone with vision which is why Steve Jobs leapt to mind. Howzabout movie/tv mogul Jerry Bruckheimer? He’s making a flick here right now and has all that CSI loot lying around. Yo C Ray use your imagination.
Hey I know we could get Willy Wonka; he and C Ray are tight after all. Imagine it: Wonka Bars present Carnival In Chocolate City. They could market a Zulu bar (dark chocolate) a Rex bar (white chocolate) le Krewe de Vieux  bar (nutty and nougatty) Muses bits (pink candies shaped like shoes) and finally the Orpheus bar (a mixture of dark and white chocolate shaped like a lyre.) It’s a winner I tell ya…

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