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Tue, 14 Feb 2006 19:19:56

Yeah I know that’s an inelegant title but these aren’t exactly elegant times: it’s time for Mike Hammer not Sherlock Holmes. This entry is I hope a newsy roundup of sorts or is that out of sorts? Probably the latter…

Item-1 Meemaw’s Special Session Sauce Curdles: Everything seems to be going wrong for Governor Meemaw up in storm ravaged Red Stick. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone on her staff can count votes: why call a special session if you lose vote after vote? In retrospect Meemaw’s effort to consolidate Debrisville government should have waited until the regular session in March. It seems to have cost her votes with NOLA legislators without picking up any votes in the boondocks.

Item-2  Jindal Springs His Trap:
One of the measures that seems to be going nowhere is the Meemaw/Boasso/Carter levee board consolidation effort. This was predictable as the same measure failed at the last special session without Meemaw’s backing. In normal times a Governor’s support would make the difference but these are abnormal times. And Meemaw’s poll ratings are under 40% so her clout is way down.

The most interesting twist to this story is that Meemaw has fallen into a trap laid by her opponent in 2003 and probable foe in 2007 wily Congressman Bobby Jindal. Check out this passage from Monday’s Picayune:

“Blanco said she is concerned about language in a congressional defense appropriations bill that would prevent the state from getting $12 million for an advanced stage of a hurricane protection study unless the state forms a single levee board in the New Orleans area. She said the Senate’s amendments to her bill “put the $12 million in jeopardy.”

It’s not the $12 million it’s what it means ” Blanco said. If the Army Corps of Engineers does not take up the next phase of the study financed by the $12 million then the state could face a serious delay in getting better levee projects she said.

The $12 million restriction was placed on the federal bill by U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal R-Kenner who faced Blanco in the runoff of the 2003 governor’s race. Boasso said he wished Jindal had not placed the restrictive language on the appropriations bill.”

I’m sure that Jindal will claim he was just looking out for the best interests of the state but this was a brilliant maneuver. Why? Everyone but the Uptown society women who have been championing one levee board knew that it was going to be very difficult to achieve. Now those folks will blame Meemaw and turn to Jindal next year and many of them crossed party lines in 2003 to help elect our first woman governor. Machiavelli is proud of you Piyush.

I won’t be surprised if Jindal endorses Mitch Landrieu for Mayor as a way to help get a more formidable Demo safely out of the way. It’s also another way for Jindal to pretend to be above politics. Ya gotta watch these eager beaver types they’ll stick a knife in and twist it if you turn your back on them for even a nano-second. Jindal is our very own Uriah Heep (the Dickens character not the band) he’s the kind of guy who kisses up and kicks down.

Item-3 Chris Rose’s Potty Mouth: Madcap TP columnist Chris Rose talks about the explosion of cussing cursing and swearing in post-K Debrisville. I know that it’s f***ing true I used to talk like your basic maiden aunt pre-K. I also blush very easily and…let’s see is anyone buying this? I somehow doubt it after my ode to all things Zappa yesterday. Now *I* feel like the idiot bastard son

Item-4  Local Teen In Jeopardy: That should be ON Jeopardy but it I’m feeling tabloidy today. Ben Franklin High Senior Camille Bullock made it all the to the semi-finals of Jeopardy’s Teen Tournament before losing to a guy with what Dr. A calls Seventies hair. We were pulling for Camille who is 17 going on 40. Ya done good dawlin’.



 Tue, 14 Feb 2006 06:00:00

I am blogging from behind y’all. I saw “Capote” on Saturday before freezing my ass off at the Krewe du Vieux and am just now getting around to reviewing it. Lord have mercy on the frozen slacker blogger.

Earlier this month I made a few snide remarks about Truman Capote in a posting about the 2005 Academy Award nominations:  “I haven’t seen Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman is the favorite and I’m a great admirer of his work but I didn’t care for Truman Capote. He was a guy who wrote two good books and a whole lotta dreck. Besides he was annoying and feuded with Gore Vidal and I take Gore’s side in all feuds. Nobody feuds better than Gore.”

I’m not taking anything back.  I have my snide pride. And I’ve got Ralph Waldo Emerson on my side about consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds and all that jazz. Besides this self-referential quote gives me the excuse to post a vintage picture of Vidal Capote and Tennessee Williams from the late 1940’s:

Gore Vidal calls 1945-1949 the golden age of the American empire and perhaps it was. But we blew it with Vietnam. More recently we screwed up our post-Cold War ascendancy with W’s endless wars. End of brooding lefty digression. Back to the moving pictures:

Capote” is a remarkably good film with a brilliant performance by star/executive producer Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman who is one of our best character actors submerges himself in the part. After a while I forgot that an actor was playing Capote: Hoffman has nailed the little sucker. Hoffman was so good that I actually liked *his* Truman Capote more than I expected to. it’s a nuanced performance that has as many layers and motives as the real Capote.

“Capote” is probably such a strong film because it follows Capote as he researchs and writes what was by far and away his finest book “In Cold Blood.” Hoffman plays Capote as part con man part jerk part sensitive soul part egomaniacal monster. He never hits a false note. Catherine Keener as Capote’s childhood friend Harper Lee adds flavor and depth to the movie as the only person who *really* understands the complexity of Capote’s motives as he burrows into the heads of two murderers.

Speaking of great character actors Chris Cooper shines as the small town sheriff into whose life Capote inserts himself by playing the New Orleans card with Cooper’s wife who was in exile from the Crescent City. An unrecognizable Amy Ryan of “The Wire” plays Cooper’s spouse. Finally   Clifton Collins Jr. who plays articulate killer Perry Smith equals Robert Blake’s chilling potrayal from the classic 1967 version of “In Cold Blood “ which was directed by Richard Brooks. It was fascinating to watch the onscreen Capote and Smith use and manipulate one another: guilt and manipulation at its finest…

A big tip of the Adrastos virtual cap to director Bennett Miller writer Dan Futterman and the film’s driving force Phillip Seymour Hoffman for making one of the best films of 2005.