Dollar Bill In The Wapo/Norm The Ninny Strikes Again

Thu, 16 Feb 2006 19:24:54

There was a front page story in the print edition of the Washington Post about Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson’s legal woes. There are even indications that a plea bargain might be afoot. Why? The case against him *could* impact his family. Check this quote out:
“In summer 2004 Pfeffer Mody Jefferson and others met in New Orleans at the law firm of one of Jefferson’s daughters who provided the legal work for the business deal. While in the lobby of the law firm Jefferson approached Pfeffer in private and told him that he would require 5 to 7 percent of Mody’s new Nigerian company the court document said.”
The Pfeffer mentioned above is the ex-Jefferson aide who copped a plea and ratted him out to the feds. It’s unclear as to which of Dollar Bill’s 5 daughters was the lawyer in question or if she has any legal problems of her own. If she *did* that would increase the pressure on Dollar Bill to make a deal with the feds. As a partisan Demo I can think of worse outcomes than a plea bargain: that way Dollar Bill would no longer be the poster boy for Repub claims that the “culture of corruption” in DC is a bi-partisan. This is also a very bad time for the Congressman from Debrisville to be in legal jeopardy. I think it’s time for Dollar Bill to resign and/or NOT run for re-election. I take no pleasure in this: Jefferson has been a pretty good Congressman but it’s time for him to go.
Interestingly the local rag did NOT run the story even though they subscribe to the Post news service. In the old days the Picayune would have been all over the story because it used to be overtly pro-Repub. Now they *try* to be fair and balanced and not in the Fox News sense of the term either. I expect however that they’ll have no choice but to get out of booster mode and  follow-up the Post story with one of their own. I’m sure that James Gill of Bunkie fame will be whomping Dollar Bill’s ass very soon.
Item-2 Norm The Ninny Strikes Again: As a well-known Demo turned Repub (sorta like Normie) once said: “There he goes again.” After getting smacked down by Brownie last week Senator Norm (The Minny Ninny) Coleman re-inserted his head up W’s ass and his foot in his own mouth. This time Norm the Ninny got in Homeland Insecurity Secretary Michael Chertoff’s face. Norm the turncoat said that:
“Chertoff failed President Bush by not warning him that Michael Brown who directed the rescue efforts as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency “was in way over his head.” Chertoff’s failure to tell his commander-in-chief what “all of America” already knew Coleman said led Bush to make his now infamous remark five days after the hurricane hit: “Brownie you’re doing a heck of a job.”
Yo Norm if Beavis bothered to read the papers turn on his TV or show the slightest bit of curiosity about events in his own country he would have already known. Instead he’s surrounded by sycophants and lives in that well-known bubble. Lyndon Johnson Bill Clinton or hell even Tricky Dick Nixon would have been all over this issue because they were well-informed.
What I love about Norm the brown noser is that even though he blamed Chertoff for much of the mess he hasn’t called for his resignation. Why? Chertoff has powerful patrons: Alphonse D’Amato George Pataki and Rudy Giuliani. In his Uriah Heepish way Norm doesn’t want to alienate Pataki or Giuliani who have been mentioned as possible Repub Presidential candidates. The Norm Colemans of the world only kick down never up.
Time for a closing digression: I for one do NOT get the Rudy Giuliani cult. I know that the Repubs are obsessed with 9/11 but looking stern and resolute does NOT make one a hero. Giuliani made major errors on 9/11 but has somehow emerged smelling like a rose. Quite a contrast to the stench surrounding him on 9/10/01. Then he was the discredited Mayor of New York who had an affair while in office brutally dumped his wife and then lived openly with his mistress in Gracie Mansion. Besides he’s such a big-time asshole that he *almost* make the Shooting Duce look avuncular. Unless Earl Turd Blossom of Rove supports his candidacy the Repub smearmeisters will peel him like a rancid grape. Besides can you imagine the bible thumpers supporting an adulterer who is pro-choice and pro-gay rights. Rudy is delusional as well as power mad I tell ya.

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