Daily Archives: March 1, 2006

Clerk On The Lam/C Ray & Meemaw Do Mardi Gras

Wed, 01 Mar 2006 19:20:03

Now that the zanies wackos and nut jobs are off the streets of Debrisville it’s time to get back to the zanies wackos and nut jobs who populate our political system.

Item-1  Clerk On The Lam:   Speaking of well-known nutbars Clerk of Criminal District Court Kimberly Butler Williamson had been ducking an arrest warrant issued by the (get ready) judges she’s supposed to serve. This is one of those only in NOLA stories. For one thing a clerk of court should NOT be an elected position but it is here. For another for some mysterious reason the clerk of criminal court also runs elections here in Orleans Parish. As y’all know logic does not apply to our political system. But hey the US elected and re-elected President Beavis and that made no sense either.

KBW (or Kimba as she’s known to her enemies) was C Ray’s first Chief Administrative Officer but she was too incompetent even for the krewe of clones and was let go. Scary thought no? C Ray made some stupid comments about her health after she left which gained her sympathy in many quarters. KBW parlayed the sympathy card into her current post. Even pre-K she made a total mess of things: botching an election held soon after the city evacuated for Hurricane Ivan.

KBW’s legendary persecution complex is on parade again: her spokesman accused the judges of “picking on” Crazy Kim. Poor poor pitiful her…

Today is the first qualifying day for the April 22nd elections and I haven’t heard whether or not Crazy Kim showed up or remains on the lam.  If I could find Mike Hammer I’d send him down to the Convention Center to try and find Crazy Kim but the last I heard he was shoveling drunks off the sidewalk at the corner of Bourbon and Iberville…

Item-2 C Ray & Meemaw Do Mardi Gras: I wish I could have been a fly on the reviewing stands yesterday at Gallier Hall. Meemaw and C Ray spent Mardi Gras morning together. Meemaw was wearing a red power suit and C Ray was in costume as Army General Russell Honore. I wonder if they exchanged anything but pleasantries. I hope that C Ray wasn’t too much in character General Honore is best remembered as the guy who accused the Katrina press corps of being “stuck on stupid.”

Both C Ray and Council Prez Oliver Thomas rode in Zulu. Dr. A reported that C Ray received polite applause or what Variety would surely call torpid mitting. Oliver on the other hand was cheered exuberantly by the crowd. I guess the soap opera watchers weren’t there. They were probably home fuming that they couldn’t watch their soaps: all 3 network affiliates had live parade coverage instead. And no Oliver had nothing to do with arranging that. He’s good but he’s not THAT good.