Crazy Kim Resurfaces

Fri, 03 Mar 2006 18:21:28

Just when I thought that the Kimberly Butler Williamson saga couldn’t possibly get any weirder it did. (After 18 years in Crazytown you’d think I’d know better: we be weird is our motto.) KBW is the blogger’s gift that keeps on giving. Merci Kimba. Yesterday the loony runaway clerk phoned into a talk radio show and called the judges “crazy” and she knows from crazy y’all. This morning Crazy Kim showed up in court after 7 days on the lam. She wasn’t arrested but was charged with contempt and will have to appear before Judge Johnson on Monday. 

Guess what y’all it gets even weirder. Outside the courthouse   Ms. Nutbar spoke to the press and announced that she was running for Mayor. I laughed so hard that I nearly broke a rib when I heard the “news.” Now that she’s made a total mess at the Clerk’s office she wants to apply her Queen Midas in Reverse touch to the city as a whole. Looking truly mad Butler told the bemused and amused press corps: 

“For 17 years I’ve been a revitalization specialist ” she said before telling the gathering that she shouldn’t be Clerk of Court but should instead be mayor.  “When I was pushed out of City Hall for trying to do the right thing I chose to stay here ” she said. “Then Katrina wiped out my home and I chose to come back.”

Let me get this straight:  Mad Kim has no chance of winning re-election to her current post so she’s going to run for higher office. She’s become the Syd Barrett of NOLA politics. The lunatic *is* on the grass. Shine on you crazy diamond we’ll see you on the dark side of the moon...

For my non-Debrisville readers I’d like you to know that Crazy Kim is a transplanted nutjob not a homegrown one. I think that her campaign strategy is to split the crazy vote with C Ray. She also told the press that she’d heard from many people who want her to run for Mayor. Yeah the voices in her head…


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