Mon, 13 Mar 2006 15:14:07

Yes I’m back to the Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd analogy although I personally wish Crazy Kim wasn’t here.

Kimberly Williamson Butler was a busy nutjob this weekend. She actually spent Saturday doing her job as chief elections officer of Orleans Parish. Imagine that. Her office held a training session for election commissioners: many of our polling places and their usual minders are scattered post-K. So they’ve asked public spirited citizens to fill the breach: Dr. A for one Judy In Disguise for another and our friend Cookie Tom too. I’m not a morning person and the polls open obscenely early here; allegedly to accommodate hunters and fisherdudes. Besides my blogging services will be required that day. Just call me the master of rationalizations…

Crazy Kim claims that Orleans Parish will have enough election commissioners but Secretary of State Not Fox has accused KWB of cooking the books by exaggerating the number of commissioners: at one point she said that she had 1300 but more recently said that it was 982. Hmm I wonder if Kimba was involved in the search for WMD in Iraq too. Not Fox has called for KWB’s resignation for gross incompetence persistent silliness and disobeying that pesky court order. Crazy Kim was asked about this and went into Spike Lee mode and claimed that if necessary she’d do the right thing. Crazy Kim then repeated the phrase do the right thing more times than she has election commissioners…

In Sunday’s Picayune columnist Jarvis De Berry laced into Crazy Kim. He reminded those of us with Katrina brain of Crazy Kim’s sleaziest stunt:

“In July Butler took to the radio to encourage listeners whose criminal convictions were keeping them from voting to come to her office and get expungements (at $325 per charge) so they could vote — and especially vote for her. The truth is an expungement is to voting in Louisiana what a pair of skates is to whipping a meringue. There is no correlation. No matter the crime committed as long as a person is out of jail and isn’t on probation the law allows that person to register.

A woman called me in August to say that her middle-aged husband had done something uncharacteristically stupid as a young man. He had long ago served his time she said and the couple had often talked about how unfair it was that he couldn’t vote. He could have been voting all along. The fact that he didn’t know that isn’t Butler’s fault. Still it would have been nobody’s fault but hers if that man had been convinced that he needed to show up to her office with money before he could step inside a booth to vote.

How offensive it is to hear someone who tried to sneak through a modern-day version of a poll tax claim as Butler did Thursday that she belongs to a pantheon that includes Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks Mohandas Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. “

Hey Jarvis thanks for blowing DeRaspberry at Kimba. Glad to share the story with you.

As you can see KWB is not only crazy she’s a dishonest hypocrite as well. Perhaps she should keep her powder dry and run for Dollar Bill Jefferson’s House Seat later this year. She’d fit right in on Capitol Hill…


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