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Judge Elloie Exposé

Fri, 24 Mar 2006 06:16:08

Rambling Preamble: I used to be a small squeaky cog in the criminal justice system and I still keep up with what’s going on. I don’t like the system (who the hell does?) but I understand it and perhaps I can help make sense of it to outsiders; not that it’s remotely logical. If I seem to be extra hard on defendants it’s because I used to defend the little dears and know what they’re really like. On to today’s little exposé of Judicial tomfoolery:

Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge Charles Elloie is up to his old tricks. He let convicted felon and notorious crack dealer Brian Expose waltz out of the slammer ROR (released on his own recognizance without any bond or bail) after speaking to Expose’s lawyer on the phone. When Expose was arrested he was holding six ounces of crack $190K and two AK-47s. Judge Elloie is essentially too lazy to read police reports or hold contradictory hearings instead of kicking creeps like Expose free after a chat with their mouthpiece. Make that alleged creep…

A 2005 study conducted by the Metropolitan Crime Commission showed that Judge Elloie is: “…responsible for 83 percent of the cases in which a suspect was released after a bail reduction leaving the remaining 17 percent scattered among Elloie’s 11 fellow judges. The study showed that Elloie granted 48 percent of the total ROR bonds.”

Now I’m not a big fan of MCC honcho Rafael Goyeneche who annoys the hell out of me but this is a solid study. And Judge Elloie is seriously out of step with even the more liberal judges at Tulane and Broad. Yo Judge Elloie liberal does not mean “let ’em loose for no fricking reason.”

The Debrisville criminal justice system is in bad enough shape post-K without Judge Elloie’s antics: no money defendants rotting in jail without counsel the indigent defender’s system on hold and on and on and on. Many people think that Elloie is venal or stupid; I think that he’s lazy unfocused and reflexively hostile to the police and DA’s office. I don’t think Judges are supposed to roll over for the cops on every case but this is ridiculous.

Finally I’m glad to report that there’s no truth to the rumor that Judge Elloie and Crazy Kim are dating. Actually there’s no such rumor but the mere thought of starting such a rumor sent a shiver up and down my spine…

End of the Elloie Exposé.”