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Orleans Parish Political Potpourri & A Bit Of Popery

Wed, 29 Mar 2006 18:27:18
Item-1  Justin Zitler For Civil Sheriff:
Yes it’s time for another shameless plug for my friend Justin’s campaign as well as a link to a story in the Metro section of the local rag. The Z-Man told me that the Picayune’s Michael Perlstein had asked excellent and thought provoking questions and it showed in the article. For more info about Justin’s reform plans follow this link to the League Of Women Voters excellent online election guide.

Item-2  Low IQ? Local blogger and bi-valve intellectual Oyster asks whether or not the IQ (I Quit) ticket to replace the 7 Dwarfs (tax assessors) has a strategy other than litigation. It’s a pearl of a piece…

Item-3 A Moderate Voice On The St. Augustine Closure Mess: For the uninitiated there is a huge dispute over the Catholic Church’s plan to phase out the historic St. Augustine Church in Treme. The church was founded by les gens de couleur libres (free people of color) some 150 years ago. There have been protests and sit-ins on one side and a typically authoritarian response by the archdiocese. There was bad behavior on both sides last Sunday: protesters interrupted mass and Father Michael Jacques was accompanied to mass by some armed off-duty police officers.  The protest backfired: the archdiocese seized on it to close  the church completely.

Anyway there’s an excellent op-ed piece in today’s Picayune by St. Augustine board member Michael Valentino that urges both sides to take a chill pill act like adults and try to compromise: “The archdiocese and the congregation are entrenched in their positions. It’s time for both parties to step back and consider the larger picture. We are nearly out of time for a reasonable resolution. Left untended this conflict will be a flashpoint for dire controversy and international notoriety by this weekend.

I hope the archdiocese will offer an immediate six-month reprieve with any Divine Word priest giving time for a mediator to calm and direct the dialogue. I hope St. Augustine parishioners will offer an apology to the archdiocese for Sunday’s disrupted service. They can also help restore good faith by helping negotiate an end to the sit-in in the rectory and entering into mediation.

Our community and our ancestors deserve no less. ”

Y’all please listen to Mr. Valentino. He seems to have everyone’s best interests at heart. We’re all rubbed raw chafed and stressed by the storm so I understand the emotional reaction but all concerned need to take a deep breath and let their brains take over. Compromise is the only way to save the church.

Item-4  District B Council Candidates Forum April 5th:
Here’s a bit of shameless semi-self promotion. My neighborhood association along with 12 others is sponsoring a candidates forum next Wednesday. It will run from 7-8:30 PM and will be held at Touro Synagogue 4238 St. Charles Avenue. Here’s a link to the forum press release.


At The (Online) Movies: After The Levees Failed

Wed, 29 Mar 2006 20:29:30

Last week I was casually browsing another Debrisville blogger’s links and came across Editor B’s web blog. It was pretty darn zany so I cruised about the site and found the link to ROX which is the internet home of Editor B Rox’s long running public access TV show. He’s been doing the show with his bartender friend J Rox for years. I like the same last name schtick they’re like the Ramones that way. I haven’t watched *that* many episodes but they seem to be more cerebral than Wayne and Garth of Wayne’s World fame but given the amount of alcohol they consume…

One title in particular caught my eye ROX #93 After The Levees Failed. It’s Editor B’s account of his pre-K and post-K experiences with his hilarious wife XY and their merry krewe of pranksters. Their evacuation was very familiar to me as it involved a great deal of cat wrangling. During our own evacuation I learned to my chagrin that neutered male cats can still spray: Oscar got me big time and he’s a huge cat with a large capacity. Ick yuck eww…

Another favorite scene of mine involved Editor B and XY cashing their FEMA check and heading off to a liquor store somewhere in Hoosierland. They may be NOLA transplants but they’ve got the local feeling down pat whoever the hell Pat is: O’Brien most likely. It was disconcerting however to see them bypass buying a bottle of Wild Turkey in favor of a lesser brand. Hey y’all spend your govmint money wisely or give it to those of us who’ll buy Wild Turkey Jack Daniels or Maker’s Mark…

While Editor B copes with exile in what weather people insist on calling the nation’s mid-section J Rox mixes drinks cuts up and does a remote interview with Editor B who appears to be in a black hole of sorts. J Rox has a gift for physical comedy: his headset phone is broken so he duct tapes it to his head. Ouch. His wife Day adds to the hilarity by putting a tin foil antennae on his head. Ya gotta respect someone who’ll look like an idiot to get a laugh…

The episode takes a somber turn when Editor B and a friend break C Ray’s moronic quarantine of Debrisville right before Hurricane Rita. It was the same day that Dr. A and I lied our way past the National Guard. Editor B’s house however is in Mid-City so it flooded. This is one of the areas that WOULD NOT HAVE FLOODED with proper levees.

Despite being a lucky SOB I still had some flashbacks (wow man) watching Editor B open his fridge and seeing the maggots come spewing out. Ah maggot nostalgia only in Debrisville…

GEEK INFO: To see Rox #93 you need the latest version of Quick Time. There’s a link to download it provided at Rox.com. I’m glad to report that Editor B is a Mac person too.

There’s a post-script to After The Levees Failed: Editor B and XY are back in their house and renovating away. A tip of the hat to them and. more appropriately a toast: good luck y’all.

Here’s the after picture of
XY with the fabulous mantle after scrubbing it within an inch of its life: