Sat, 01 Apr 2006 06:16:31

Item-1 District B Blather: It’s been a big day in the District B race. The Picayune had a write-up of all the candidates today. It was good if somewhat conventional. Of more interest: The candidates have been on Norman Robinson’s WDSU hot seat the last two nights. Thursday it was Gill-Pratfall Michael Duplantier and Stacy Head. I thought the super smooth and hyper knowledgeable Michael came off best and Gill-Pratfall no shocker came off as a first class idiot. Hey she’s gotta be first class at something. She was however able to rattle Miz Stacy at one point which surprised me. Stacy is not my first choice: she’s a bit lawyerly for my taste but she’s no fool. She did however recover her footing and made a good point about Gill-Pratfall’s inability to return phone calls. Overall it was fairly dull and tame but Michael Duplantier came out ahead on points.

Friday’s session was much livelier. WDSU put charming and clever Cajun Shane Landry and Quentin (No More BS) Brown together with gentlemanly Rev. Marshall Truehill. The result was controlled pandemonium and very entertaining. Norman thoroughly enjoyed himself as did this viewer.

Gardener Quentin Brown is running against BS in District B and the incumbent Council Clown is definitely full of it. Quentin slipped and said bullshit on the air and wound up apologizing to Norman. Quentin ran for Mayor against C Ray and Manny Chevrolet Bruno in 2002. Norman asked Quentin why he thought he could get elected to the Council when he only got 400 votes in 2002. Quentin respectfully but firmly disagreed with Norman’s “pernt” and claimed to have gotten 3 000 votes. My money is on Norman’s figures y’all.

Shane Landry performed very well indeed; answering the questions knowledgeably and concisely. Shane always has a sparkle in his eyes and was clearly enjoying himself. My favorite Shane moment was when he asked Quentin if the post-election job offer was still on the table if Quentin won. Quentin told him “I’m witcha pardner. I feel ya.” Quentin is a trip and a good one. Shane is too.

Shane has some radical ideas and the people skills to have a chance to get things done. Louisiana reformers tend to have some good ideas but NO people skills whatsoever. That’s how Le Guv (Edwin Edwards) kept oozing back into the Governor’s mansion. The poster boy for reformers without people skills is former Gov. Buddy Roemer. He had some great ideas but ran off all his supporters by being a jerk. A friend of mine who has worked in Louisiana politics since the Seventies and I were talking about Buddy and Edwin one night over adult beverages. He said that Edwin would never lie to another politician but would steal you blind. Buddy would never steal from anyone but did nothing but lie to other politicians. Time for a pictorial blast from the past in glorious black and white:

ABOVE LEFT: Looking young but not innocent Edwin Edwards Governor: 1971-1979; 1983-87; 1991-95. ABOVE RIGHT:  Buddy Roemer Governor: 1987-1991. He defeated EWE in 1987 and EWE beat him in the first primary in 1991 setting up the race from hell with neo-Nazi David Duke.

End of my waltz down political memory lane. Digression thy name is Adrastos.

Item-2  B Is Also For Dollar Bill:
A brief but significant piece in Friday’s TP. 6 members of Dollar Bill Jefferson’s staff have been subpoenaed by the Northern Virginia grand jury that’s investigating allegations that Dollar Bill solicited a bribe.The plot thickens…


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