Thu, 06 Apr 2006 22:13:54

I’m working on an epic  forum piece but news broke out last night at Touro Synagogue. Independent Council District B candidate Quentin (The Gardener) Brown told a crowd of 160 people that he was “witcha Peggy Wilson.” This came in the middle of a classic Quentin harangue about welfare queens and soap opera watchers. Anyone who has seen Quentin in action knows that he swings from far right to far left at the drop of a hat. Quentin also praised the notoriously snarky former Councilwoman’s plan to make Topsy Turvy Town a tax free zone. Me I’d rather take the debris out of Debrisville…

The idea of strident Quentin Brown in strident Uptown Repub Peggy Wilson’s camp is hilarious. It reminded Dr. A of a “Bloom County” comic strip from 1984. Opus the Penguin was trying come up with the perfect far-right/far-left national ticket. Opus concluded that the combination of Jesse Jackson and Jesse Helms was perfect; perfectly awful that is. Their campaign slogan was Let’s Offend Them All: Vote Jesse and Jesse. I think that Peggy and Quentin could have the same impact on Debrisville politics.

I hear that Bloom County/Outland/Opus scribe Berk Breathed is a litigious chap so we need a new slogan for this odd couple. Howzabout this:


If I believed in using exclamation points I’d use one in the slogan above…

Mind you Quentin might support C Ray tomorrow or Rob (Angry Asshole Attorney) Couhig the day after that. He’s a farce of nature…

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