Sun, 09 Apr 2006 05:00:00

Just when I think that New Orleans is the craziest place on the planet someone else chimes in. In this instance it’s our neighbors in Da Parish. The local rag reported this morning that the St. Bernard Parish Council is considering hiring former FEMA fashion god Michael Brown as a consultant. Parish President Junior (Juneya) Rodriguez said that:

“We’ve been having trouble with FEMA ” Rodriguez said adding “I think he certainly would be an asset.”

Although FEMA and Brown came under withering attack for the agency’s post-hurricane performance Rodriguez thinks recent information that Brown had indeed warned the Bush administration of Katrina’s potential destruction vindicates Brown.

“They were crucifying him and then the tapes came out showing that they knew all along ” Rodriguez said.

Plus he added Brown “is still on good terms with President Bush.”

Yo Juneya just because Brownie wasn’t lying doesn’t make him competent. Along with Rummy Brownie is the poster boy for Bush administration ineptitude. He gets along with President Beavis? How touching. That just means that his head is still up the royal ass. Sucking up to Beavis has gotten Louisiana nowhere. W is a bully and bullies only understand one thing: a 2 X 4 upside the head. Besides W’s poll ratings are in the toilet and Congressional Repubs are like rats scurrying for cover right now. Hey Juneya Congress holds the purse strings and Brownie is about as popular on Capitol Hill as the Army Corps Of Engineers is in Debrisville.

The scary thing is that Juneya isn’t the only official in Da Parish who thinks hiring Brownie is a good idea. Juneya passed the crack pipe to Councilmen Joey DiFatta Craig Taffaro and Tony “Ricky” Melerine. Now Joey DiFatta may have one of my favorite names in local politics but if he doesn’t reconsider this position I’ll have to start calling him Joey DiFattahead. This idea is so goofy that it sounds like something C Ray would come up with. And who the hell wants to be compared to C Ray right now?

I think Juneya and his allies need a 12-step program that treats people who say incredibly stupid things in public. If they find one they should invite C Ray and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan to join them…


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