Daily Archives: April 10, 2006


Mon, 10 Apr 2006 20:17:18

The Picayune made it official yesterday and endorsed Gorilla Ron Forman for Mayor. On one level it’s not surprising Gorilla Ron has spent the last 30 years cultivating the “right sort of people.” On the other hand Forman is running a bad boring and very bland campaign; even some of his supporters concede that. He has performed poorly at the candidates forums and his TV ads are bland focus group driven pap. Four years ago when the TP endorsed C Ray he was clearly the candidate on the rise; this time the Picayune endorsement will serve to keep Gorilla Ron’s foundering campaign afloat. It’s still hard to see him finishing higher than third but this election is so out there that who the hell knows.  I’ve got a call into the Oracle of Delphi but she hasn’t returned it. It’s kind of like calling Councilwoman Renee Gill-Pratfall’s office…

The Forman endorsement has the earmarks of coming down from the publisher’s office. It’s rather disappointing in light of the Picayune’s refusal to endorse the Beavis-Duce ticket for re-election 2 years ago. The TP used to be reactionary up and down the line and I hoped that the non-endorsement in 2004 was an indication of better things to come. Obviously it was not.

I’ve told several of my more conservative friends who are flirting with voting for Forman that they should go all the way and vote for Rob Couhig. He may be a jerk but there’s some substance and intellect to his candidacy. He’s also been the liveliest candidate at all the forums: he’s the one most willing to go after C Ray’s abysmal post-K record. Gorilla Ron’s only forum high point was when he touched Peggy Wilson’s shoulder on WWL and she snapped at him: “Don’t touch me.” That ain’t much of a highlight y’all. It just a sign of La Peggy’s legendary snarkiness…

Several of my local blogging colleagues have posted some interesting thoughts about the upcoming election in the last two days. Check out Mark at the Wet Bank Guide and Jeffrey at The Library Chronicles. Jeffrey is the guy who calls a plutocrat a plutocrat. I’m the guy who calls them the Momus/Comus/Rex cabal. But whatever you call them Gorilla Ron is definitely their man. The owners of the city always like an employee who kicks down and kisses up. That’s Gorilla Ron in a nutshell.