Thu, 13 Apr 2006 05:00:00

Arnie Fielkow used to be a big kahuna for the New Orleans Saints. He became a folk hero of sorts last year when he clashed with Tom (Archie Bunker) Benson over returning the team to Debrisville. Arnie won the war the Saints are home but lost the battle: he was forced out by Benson. I assume Benson called Arnie a dingbat and he declined to stifle. I hope Arnie gave him a raspberry on his way out the door.

Arnie is now running for City Council at Large and was endorsed by the local rag yesterday. Mind you it was a wussy endorsement: they gave the nod to Oliver Thomas and Nimby Clarkson as well for the two at large seats. Arnie is a very nice man who is running a well financed and very gentlemanly campaign. Last night he was on WDSU with Norman Robinson and it occurred to me who Arnie reminds me of: Mr. Rogers. That’s right Fred Freaking Rogers of kiddie TV fame. Arnie has a perpetual (and sincere) grin on his mug and his speech patterns are eerily like Mr. Rogers. Here’s a link to Mr. Fielkow’s web site: scroll down to where it says “watch” and click on the commercial called “winning with unity.” Then you’ll see why this Fielkowgood candidate reminds me of Mr. Rogers.

Btw I don’t think that being like Mr. Rogers is a bad thing. Who didn’t love Fred Rogers? He was a sweet man in a sweater for chrissake. Mr. Rogers would know how to deal with that mean ole Katrina Kaiser Donald Powell. He’d give him milk and cookies and have a heart to heart chat with him.

The good news for Arnie Fielkow is that he does NOT remind me of Eddie Murphy’s SNL era parody of Mr. Rogers. Eddie was Mr. Robinson and he was a man with a troubled past and the slammer in his future. Mr. Robinson not only hung out with Mr. T but taught the boys and girls all sorts of useful words.


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