Fri, 14 Apr 2006 19:10:48

I don’t know if there’s something in the water but there’s nuttiness in the air again. I was hit by a flying pecan the other day…

Item-1 C Ray On The Eyewitness Morning News: C Ray was live on WWL shooting his mouth off this morning. It is after all what he does best.  For one thing he claimed that LSU Med School hadn’t decided if it would return to NOLA. Wrong: there *was* some hesitation last fall but once Dr. Larry Hollier took over as Chancellor the decision was made to return to Debrisville.

C Ray’s second misstatement was a biggie: he claimed that LSUHSC is running a SURPLUS because Charity Hospital hasn’t re-opened. Yo C Ray they still haven’t been paid for all the post-K autopsies they did in St. Gabriel among other things. They’re hemorraghing money at the same rate that stupid things come out of C Ray’s yap. And we all know how fast that is…

Finally C Ray said that it would be “crazy” to vote him out right before Hurricane season starts. He also stated that all his people would quit immediately if the rascal in chief is thrown out. Zat a promise C Ray? Chief Clone Meffert will stop supervising things that he knows nothing about? Sounds like a plan to me…

Item-2 Crazy Kim Goes To The Photoshop: Local blogosphere diva Laureen Lentz has learned that Kimberly Williamson Butler  has a really lame webmaster. Her campaign web site has posted a picture showing Crazy Kim ostensibly in the Quarter. An eagle eyed websurfer noticed that the backdrop is actually the ersatz French Quarter at Disneyland. Everyone uses Photoshop but you’d think that Crazy Kim’s people would use a shot of the real Quarter drunken tourists pickpockets and all. Of course that would involve conscious thought…

I know that I promised not to post about Crazy Kim again after Harvard Boy threatened me with the weedwacker. But this was too juicy to pass up. It even made Wonkette yesterday. Everyone but Laureen dropped the ball on this one: I guess the rest of us NOLA bloggers were too busy gossiping about whether or not Mr. Clio would really wear his  Fleur de Lis costume in the Crescent City Classic tomorrow. You gotta do it man. Dr. A is bringing her camera and wants to bring home a picture of a racing FDL. Do it for Debrisville Mr. Clio: we need a grown man who is willing to look goofy for our city. Of course we already have C Ray for that…

Here’s a real reason: do it to avoid widespread mockery in the blogosphere.

Mandatory pop music reference: To paraphrase the sultan of swing himself Mark Knopfler; in the Eighties we wanted our MTV in the naughts we want our Fleur de Lis.

Do it for the chillun and the old people. Hey you might even drop a few post-K pounds as part of the deal. Choose wisely Mr. Clio we’re countin’ on ya man…Jeez now I sound like C Ray channeling Quentin Brown. That brings this entry full circle and to a conclusion.


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