Is Jay Going Batty?

Fri, 14 Apr 2006 05:00:00

The District A City Council race gets uglier all the time. The spirit of Uncle Earl is hovering over the district. Why Uncle Earl? There’s some crazy ass shit going down in that race. These candidates make Quentin Brown look reticent y’all. Incumbent and sole Council Repub Jay Batt is fighting for his worthless political life. One of his opponents Shelley Midura seems to have gotten under Council Clown Batty’s skin. Jaybird doesn’t like it when someone calls him on one of his slippery statements and ex-foreign service officer Shelley Midura seems to specialize in doing so. Way to go Shelley.

Shelley must be catching on: tonight I saw a Batt TV ad attacking Ms. Midura for evacuating pre-K.  Yo Jayhawk she wasn’t in office and I don’t recall seeing you out rescuing people or critters immediately post-K. If I were in the Midura camp I’d break out the champagne: Batt going batshit on Ms. Midura elevates her into his main opponent. I know that Shelley has been saying some rough but true things about Mr. Batty but it’s customary to save your negative ads for the general election. Why? In a primary voters can say “a pox on both your houses” and vote against any candidate who goes negative. I’m not sure what kind of pox; nobody ever says. In any event be it chicken pox small pox or even epoxy it’s nothing you want to fool with…

Jay Batt is so unpopular that there’s a group devoted to his defeat: Anybody But Batt.  They have a rather amusing web site that recites chapter and verse about Batt’s double dealing with his constituents and his slavish support of developers.

It seems that Jay Batt and I *do* have one thing in common: he too like half of New Orleans has a blog. Mind you I doubt that he writes it himself. I’m sure some poor staffer labors away writing and posting pro-Batt dreck.  But we bloggers need to stick together except that is when we don’t. This is one of those occasions. You’re on your own Jaybird. And I don’t think you’ll be invited to the next Debrisville blogger slumber party not even if you promise to bring Maker’s Mark. Well maybe you can drop the whiskey off and we’ll drink to your impending political demise. Bottoms up Jayhawk…


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