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Wed, 26 Apr 2006

Item-1 Follow The Money: If anyone hoped to get a brief respite from Mayoral politics after the primary they will be bitterly disappointed. On Tuesday morning both the Picayune and the Librarian guy pondered where Gorilla Ron Forman’s supporters will go now that he’s endorsed Mitch Landrieu. Both pieces came to similar conclusions: follow the money. It’s unclear if those who ponied up for Gorilla Ron will support Mitch or revert to enabling C Ray. In short whither the plutocracy? I think that nouveau riche hustlers like Canizaro and Bollinger may support the man they’ve owned for 4 years BUT old money New Orleans now finds C Ray clownish and gauche. Of course my primary crystal ball turned out to be cracked so Jeffrey could be on the…ahem…money.

I think that where the Forman and Couhig backers land will hinge on more than just greed or even ideology. We’ll see who in Debrisville is truly provincial and who will take a look at the big picture and say: “Holy crap Nagin is a worldwide joke. If he’s re-elected we’ll continue to be ridiculed on a daily basis.”

Here’s hoping that the C Ray cringe factor will be more important than ideology to many conservative voters. They should remember this: to people outside Debrisville C Ray is a joke and a bad one. Trust me he’s a joke to liberals as well as wingnuts. If we give C Ray a pass we’ll be mocked relentlessly. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be the mocker than the mockee…

I’d like to offer a slogan free of charge to the Landrieu camp- Landrieu or Laughing Stock: It’s Your Choice.

It’s time to take one more swipe at shipping maggot…I mean magnate Boysie Bollinger. (What’s up with the doofus nickname? I bet his wife is a sorority girl named Bitsy or Buffy.)  He’s playing a devious double game with his buddy the Mayor. While C Ray is busy extolling the magnate’s virtues Boysie has set up a Republican PAC that plans to use Nagin as its whipping boy in next year’s statewide election. Governor Meemaw will of course be their whipping girl. Jeez this is sounding very kinky. <cueing up “Mondo Bondage” by the Tubes>

Item-2 Chief Of Politics Riley? There’s been a lot of talk lately in the national press about political Generals. In Debrisville we have a political police chief. Warren Riley ran for Criminal Sheriff with C Ray’s backing in a special election in 2004. Riley lost to Marlin Gusman who is a politician so oily that the only time I shook his hand I checked to make sure that my watch wasn’t missing.

Yesterday Chief Riley announced that there was a payroll fraud investigation targeting Captain Harry Mendoza who is the commander of the traffic division. There are allegations by police union honcho Lt. Dave Benelli that the investigation is politically motivated: Mendoza has close ties to the Landrieu family. Riley has denied Benelli’s accusation BUT Mitch Landrieu has pledged if elected   to conduct a national search for a new police chief. Draw your own conclusions…


Slick Trick In Red Stick

Wed, 26 Apr 2006 18:17:42

I’m not usually in the business of praising a Louisiana State Senator especially a Republican but let us now praise Senator Art Lentini of Kenner. Lentini added an amendment to an animal cruelty bill that would classify cockfighting as animal cruelty thereby making it illegal. Past efforts to ban this fowl custom have failed because they were assigned to the committees in charge of agriculture which are of course dominated by backward boobs from rural Looziana.

Here’s the slick trick: Lentini added his amendment to an animal cruelty bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This way the measure will at least make it to the Senate floor. Previous efforts have died in committee. Well done Mr. Lentini.

I’ve heard the arguments about Cajun tradition (yadda yadda yadda) in support of cockfighting. Segregation and anti-miscegenation laws used to be traditions in these parts too. Some traditions need to be discarded and cockfighting is something that should be thrown on the scrap heap of history along with my pre-K refrigerator.  It’s time to join the 21st Century and ban this barbaric bloodsport.