Daily Archives: April 28, 2006


Fri, 28 Apr 2006 04:59:59

Another week another election. This week’s epic struggle is the Mayoral runoff in Kenner which is a burg best known for the airport and its vicious politics. I last visited the Kenner Mayor’s race in late March. I try to avoid visiting Kenner itself whenever possible…

Mayor Ugly aka Phil Capitano is running what is called in the trade a “comparative” TV ad against his foe Endymion’s Captain Ed Muniz. The title of the ad proves that Mayor Ugly knows from irony: it’s called “Peace.” According to Mayor Ugly’s spin doctors Muniz is bopping around Kenner threatening people if they don’t support him. As the ad progresses   it shows Muniz turning  a sinister if somewhat sickly shade of green. Yes folks that’s right Ed Muniz is really the Incredible Hulk. He looks more like Bill Bixby than Eric Bana but either way who wants a Mayor who flips strips and jumps? Here are two views of Captain Ed as the Hulk. Note the Mardi Gras colors in the drawing. The Incredible Hulk is clearly down with Carnival:

Mayor Ugly has done us a public service by exposing Muniz’s double life. But the Kenner Hulk is not content with taking the Mayor’s office away from its rightful owner he’s also trying to stack the City Council:

I’m glad that Mayor Ugly will NOT stand idly by while Muniz stacks the Council with Pezheads. The Hulk must be stopped.

Things get worse: Hulk Muniz may have national ambitions. There are rumors that he’s placed fellow hulks in high places. This is what a certain adviser to President Beavis looks like without her makeup: