Fri, 05 May 2006 14:11:14

Dollar Bill Jefferson’s legal woes are predictably turning into a political circus. The Republican majority is putting the expected spin on Dollar Bill’s problems: “See we’re all crooks: Dems and Repubs alike.” Yes Dollar Bill is a crook BUT the Repub majority have been selling Congress like a cheap hooker for the past 12 years. Dollar Bill is a lone wolf crook they’ve sold the institution itself: in the House the majority has ALL the power. A crook in the minority can only sell himself: Tom DeLay put a for sale sign on the Capitol Dome.

This morning’s Picayune story of course fell hook line and sinker for the Repub spin. More ominous for Dollar Bill is the fact that the Democratic leadership is cutting him loose: both Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer sniff power and don’t want Dollar Bill’s greed getting in the way. Neither do I. While Dollar Bill’s corrupt acts pale before the shenanigans of the Bug Man Rob Ney and Duke (The Convict) Cunningham he needs to go and soon. If Dollar Bill is loyal to anyone outside his family he needs to step aside for the sake of his party AND his city. At this crucial time New Orleans cannot afford to be represented by a man who stashes large sums of money in his freezer.

Back to Jefferson’s legal woes. Ace TP columnist Stephanie Grace wrote an excellent piece yesterday about what’s going on with the federal prosecutors pursuing Dollar Bill. It looks like the classic progression towards an indictment some time in the next  4 to 6 weeks.

The real reason I expect Dollar Bill to both resign his office and cop a plea is to protect his family: his wife Andrea is clearly in the sights of the feds and two of his daughters could be next. As a good friend of mine recently commented Dollar Bill’s political machine is like the Mafia: tight lipped loyal and ruthless. Sometimes the Don has to go to jail to protect the family. That’s the likely scenario in this case.

I write this more in sadness than anger. Despite his pernicious influence on the local political scene Dollar Bill has represented this city quite well on the Hill. He’s now lost both his support and effectiveness.

It’s time for Dollar Bill to go.


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