Deep Blog Dishes On Couhig’s Endorsement Of C Ray

 Tue, 16 May 2006 05:00:00

I had an interesting conversation with Deep Blog last night. He/she/it has been digging around and asking questions about why bald white wingnut Rob Couhig had endorsed bald black nut C Ray for Mayor. Deep Blog struck pay dirt and found confirmation that the Couhig endorsement fits into the Oyster-Adrastos Theory as to why so many Repubs are hot to trot with C Ray. And trust me neither ideology nor C Ray’s being a bidnessman had anything to do with it. The move was about power pure and simple.

The OysterAdrastos theory is that many Looziana Repubs want to help re-elect C Ray so that they can use him in Oyster’s memorable phrase as a useful idiot for the GOP to pound on in next year’s statewide election. C Ray defeating Mitch would also have the side benefit of damaging Landrieu as a statewide candidate for either re-election or the governorship. The GOP thinks that the combination of C Ray and Meemaw is its ticket to taking control of state government next year.  
Enough theory here’s the Deep Blog dish. (Hmm that sounds like pizza. Mmm pizza.) Deep Blog knows lots of people and how to pump them for info. One of Deep Blog’s friends is very active in the Republican party: we’ll call them Repub X. Here’s the story that Repub X told Deep Blog. Senior Repubs met with Couhig to urge him to endorse C Ray because it would be good for Louisiana Repubs; especially Congressman Piyush (Bobby) Jindal’s ambition to oust Gov. Meemaw. Who wouldn’t want C Ray to kick around and ridicule? Anyway Couhig was told that if he was a good boy and endorsed C Ray for Mayor that a strong effort including oodles of money would be made to clear the Repub field so that Couhig would succeed Piyush in Congress. This makes perfect sense: Couhig ran for the seat when it came open after Bob  Livingston left Congress because he couldn’t keep his pants zipped up. It’s also a safe Republican seat.

According to Deep Blog Repub X who is a NOLA patriot was disgusted by these tactics and plans to vote for Mitch. But the whole thing makes sense: Couhig is a hustler and hustlers don’t do anything without getting something in return. In this case C Ray had nothing to offer Couhig but powerful Repubs did. Nicolo Machiavelli would be proud.

My hunch is that shipping magnate Boysie Bollinger and ex-Governor Mike Foster are behind these machinations. Bollinger has formed a PAC that has already used C Ray as a whipping boy in a special legislative election. And Foster wants his protege Piyush elected Governor. 

That’s the Deep Blog dish about the GOP’s devious double game. The best way to throw a monkey wrench into these plans is to vote for Mitch Landrieu on Saturday. That way the Repubs will only have Governor Meemaw to kick around in 2007. I suspect that she won’t be the only major Democratic candidate in the primary unless her political fortunes revive. Anything can happen in politics; especially in the gret stet of Looziana.


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