Wed, 17 May 2006 05:00:00

Last week in my account of the Ashe Center Forum I commented on how rude Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson was to several people; myself included. We are not alone: I heard from another Uptown activist type that the Queen Of Hearts has skipped some forums on the East Bank because she feels that she has Algiers nailed down and doesn’t need the rest of the city. We’ll see about that Jackie.

Then there was the story in Tuesday’s Picayune about Jackie’s bad behavior at a forum on her beloved West Bank. Check this out: 

“Clarkson stormed out of a forum at Woodland Presbyterian Church in Algiers after resident Teresa Haab accused Clarkson of not keeping a 3-year-old promise to repair her street and asked: “Why would anyone vote for someone that lies?”

Clarkson later said she was trying to answer Haab’s question — explaining how the city’s bond rating had prevented a bond sale in October needed to pay for the street repairs — but “the woman kept calling me a liar and the moderator kept letting her do it ” so “I left.”

Moderator Frances Sewell said Clarkson took more than six minutes to respond to the question and resisted each time she was told she had reached a three-minute limit on answers.

“I’m gonna finish Frances!” Clarkson said several times before storming out.

“She was shaking her finger and getting all upset ” Haab said. “

Sounds like Jackie is channeling daughter Patty’s harridan queen bee character in the indie flick “Pieces Of April.” Yo Jackie getting criticized even unfairly is part of running for office. You should stand your ground and defend yourself instead of fleeing the rabble in a rage.

Jackie’s transformation into the Queen Of Hearts was perfected by this exchange with her opponent: 

“Fielkow tried to make political hay out of the incident issuing a news release saying he was “disappointed.” He added: “Angrily walking out of this type of public forum is unacceptable and not the kind of leadership we need if we are to move our city forward.”

In an interview Monday an angry Clarkson responded to Fielkow’s news release calling him a “son of a bitch.”

Fielkow fired back calling her words “highly offensive insulting and totally inappropriate.”

Jackie seems to have completely lost it y’all. Calling nice guy Arnie Fielkow an SOB  is akin to handbagging Mr. Rogers in front of a room full of children.

I know that people get stressed out during a close race BUT this is ridiculous. Jackie better watch her mouth or the voters are likely to behead *her* politically on Saturday.

UPDATE: Ashley Morris just posted an excellent commentary on the Algerian Prima Donna.


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