Sat, 20 May 2006 20:56:06

I’m home after checking out the election day street scene. I plugged  my iPod into the car and played Cowboy Mouth as I drove by the sign wavers.  A few random observations:

* I drove around Uptown Carrollton and Central City and saw more Landrieu activity than Nagin. Yeah there were plenty of Nagin sign wavers but Mitch’s people were going door to door checking to see if people had voted. And there were plenty of folks waving Landrieu signs as well.

* I got the impression that Dollar Bill’s District B peeps were working for *both* Mitch and C Ray. Dollar Bill has nominally endorsed Nagin but I saw some people with Gill-Pratfall t-shirts waving Landrieu signs and others waving Nagin signs. It’s just like Dollar Bill to play both ends against the middle.

* While I was cruising for a bruising I kept encountering C Ray’s campaign RV. First he was Uptown at St. Paul’s on Napoleon Avenue near Adrastos World HQ. Later   I saw the RV parked outside Tom Watson’s Church of the Rebuker/Unrebuker at the corner of Napoleon and St. Charles. That’s when I saw C Ray. I resisted the urge to give him the one finger salute but I made like Roger Ebert and gave him a thumbs down. It wiped the smirk right off his face for a nano-second. Bite me baldy…

* Speaking of tall men in large vehicles I saw Arnie (Mr. Rogers) Fielkow rolling up St. Charles in his fire truck. He waved at me. I waved back. There was neither a Dalmatian nor a Chalmatian in sight.

I spent several hours hanging out with the Z-Man and his charming family. We gossiped talked politics and watched Eli eat way too much ice cream. Justin is very optimistic about Mitch’s chances to win by 4 to 6 points. I hope he’s right but his notion is based on NOT underestimating the intelligence of the the voters. I’m a cynic and *always* underestimate the voter’s savvy. The smartest guy doesn’t always win; just ask Al Gore or John Kerry.

* The Z-Man has cast his lot with Stacy Head in District B. He took Stacy to Miss Mae’s bar at the corner of Magazine and Napoleon this week. Miss Mae is a *legendary* local barkeeper. She and Stacy hit it off: talk about an odd couple. Apparently several of the barflies made the some of off-color jokes about Stacy’s last name that I’ve managed to avoid. Mercifully this happened *after* Stacy left.

* The Z-Man also loaned Stacy his sound truck complete with bullhorn. I just missed the truck’s departure and I’m sorry that I did because Quentin Brown was on the truck with Stacy. That must have been interesting. I hope that Quentin didn’t pinch Stacy’s butt on the ride but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. A few weeks back he told me that he thought Stacy was “hot.” Watch out Stacy. I think that Ashley the headless Thompson gunner agrees: he’s convinced that Stacy is a doppleganger of SNL’s Tina Fey. I’m not sure I agree but they *are* both thin and wear smart girl glasses.


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