Wed, 24 May 2006 17:26:16

Item-1 Dollar Bill Under Pressure: It’s a *slightly* less bad day for Dollar Bill Jefferson: he’s under pressure but unindicted and someone else is in deeper shit than he is; for the moment. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has asked our klepto Congressman to step down from the Ways and Means committee. That’s of course the panel that decides who gets federal money and how much they get. Dollar Bill’s reply to his leader’s request: No Way. His reason is that he’s doing this for Debrisville; as if he gave a damn about anyone who’s not related to him. <cue string quartet playing “Hearts and Flowers”>

In an ironic development Speaker/Coach Denny (Fat Frick) Hastert has protested the search of Dollar Bill’s office to President Beavis. Something tells me this has more to do with Repub scoundrels like Bob Ney than with the Speaker’s devotion to separation of powers. It’s also a political loser for the Coach: he’s arguing that Congressmen be given special treatment. There’s a long line of Repubs who hope that the Coach gets his way.

Item-2  Marc Morial’s Uncle Glenn Cops A Plea Glenn Haydel pled guilty to looting the RTA (Regional Transit Authority) out of $550K during the Morial administration. Haydel is Sybil Morial’s brother and the Uncle of former Mayor Marc Haydel Morial. Uncle Glenn has agreed to co-operate with prosecutors in exchange for receiving a 2 year sentence. Haydel has also agreed to pay back the money. It’s unclear as to whether or not Uncle Glenn has info that could implicate his nephew in wrongdoing.

Stay tuned to the Adrastos Virtual Cafe for updates and analysis on both stories. Same Bat-time same Bat-url.


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