Sat, 27 May 2006 15:30:54

Just when I thought it was safe to go to City Hall the Picayune reports that soon to be former Council Clown Eddie Bad Hair is already plotting a comeback. Eddie was term limited out of office but he sees opportunity in Dollar Bill Jefferson’s legal woes. Oliver the Actor might be interested in running for Dollar Bill’s seat and if he replaces our Klepto Congressman Eddie Bad Hair wants to replace Oliver on the Council.

What about term limits? Term limits shmerm limits sez Eddie: “But Sapir said that the way he reads the charter there would be no prohibition on his taking over Thomas’ seat midterm.

The charter provision reads: “A person who has served as a councilmember-at-large for more than one and one-half terms in two consecutive terms shall not be elected as a councilmember-at-large for the succeeding term.”

Sapir said that would not apply to him should he assume Thomas’ seat after a break of a few months or years.

Under the charter if more than three years remain in a council member’s term a special election must be held for a successor. In the meantime the remaining council members elect an interim replacement. By tradition a council member who resigns from office gets to pick his interim successor who by law cannot run in the special election. The interim member usually serves about three months.

If less than a year remains in a council term when the seat becomes vacant the other members again choose an interim successor who cannot run for a full term at the next election.

So Sapir by his reading of the charter could be appointed as an interim successor to Thomas or could run for the remaining years of his term.”

A comeback by Eddie Bad Hair is the last thing Debrisville needs right now. An alternate nickname for him could be Eddie the Obstructionist. Additionally, Eddie’s reading of the provision clearly violates the spirit of term limits and would surely end up in court. Even worse it will bring term limits author Peggy (Don’t Touch Me) Wilson back on the political scene; hollering fussing and carrying on. Do we really need that? Thanks a lot Eddie. “


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