Tue, 30 May 2006 16:09:34

 Hurricane season officially kicks off tomorrow and there’s a buzz in the air about evacuating. The Picayune has dueling front page stories: Stay or Go? Chris Rose has his first decent column in weeks too. Adrastos to Mr. Rose: Avoid writing about politics you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
Back to the Clash question. In typical mainstream media fashion the stories oversimplify what can be a very complex issue. If your hood flooded last year and you’re living there again you should get the hell out of Dodge for a Cat-2 or higher if we’re in the cone of uncertainty. The inept martinets who run the city want everyone to skedaddle at Cat-2 the cone notwithstanding. For those of us in the unflooded areas it’s not an easy decision. I don’t want to be a forced exile for 5-6 weeks again.
The thing that really pissed off Dr. A and me was how locals were barred from re-entry while outsiders were running amuck in our city. And the same people who screwed up so badly last time remain in charge. I think people should decide for themselves unless it’s another big one and even then this is still a semi-free country. Nobody should be forced out of their home at gun point.
Last year was the first time Dr. and I ever evacuated. Why? New Orleans was in the cone. Dr. A refuses to leave again if it’s less than a Cat-4 and we’re NOT in the cone.  I quite agree. We’re supposed to trust C Ray Terry Ebbert Warren Riley President Beavis Michael Chertoff and Governor Meemaw with our lives and property? What have they done to earn our trust? End of rhetorical question time.
Last year we left very early Sunday morning and drove across the Causeway. Our across the street neighbors planned to ride out the storm. When we caught up with them later we learned that our departure had influenced their decision.  Glad to be of service. Of course none of us thought that the incompetent fools who run our city would bar residents from re-entering for such a long time. All indications are that the next time around they plan to lock the city down and arrest anyone who pokes their head out of their house.
The Debrisville March Of Folly continues.

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