Wed, 07 Jun 2006 03:45:07

I can’t believe I missed this nugget in this morning’s Picayune:

“According to the affidavit used to search the vice president’s house the FBI expected to find a $100 000 cash bribe in a reddish-brown briefcase that Mody had given Jefferson. The cash was to guarantee Abubakar’s cooperation to ensure “the little hook is in there ” according to wiretap transcripts.

A day later the FBI intercepted Jefferson’s cell phone signal in the vicinity of Abubakar’s home. And later Jefferson assured Mody that he had given the money to Abubakar referring to it as “African art.

But $90 000 of the cash marked by investigators was found in a freezer at Jefferson’s Capitol Hill home during the August raid. A reddish-brown briefcase was found by the FBI during the search of Jefferson’s New Orleans home on Marengo Street the same day. “

I put my favorite bit in bold face. I’m not sure who Dollar Bill is channeling: Tony Soprano or George Smiley. But he’s very big on using movie gangster/spook euphemisms when he’s doing bidness with the wired-up Lori Mody.  Here’s another juicy bit wherein Dollar Bill distinguishes between national and international corruption:

“According to the transcripts Jefferson told Mody that Abubakar was demanding 50 percent of the profits earned by YahYah’s company. Jefferson said Abubakar had made the demand during a private one-hour meeting at the [Nigerian] vice president’s home.

“We have a deal with him ” he told Mody.

He also told her in a separate wiretapped call that YahYah was critical to the success of the venture in Nigeria.

“We need him ” Jefferson told her over dinner in Washington. “We got to motivate him real good. He’s got a lot of folks to pay off.”

Jefferson told Mody that it was best that the two of them didn’t know what YahYah was up to.

“If he’s gotta pay Minister X we don’t want to know ” Jefferson said. “It’s not our deal. We’re not paying Minister X a damn thing. That’s all you know international fraud crap. We’re not doing that. . . . Whatever they do locally that’s their business.”

Maybe Dollar Bill’s defense will be that he was conducting a seminar in international law for Ms. Mody. Of course this last passage sounds like a classic re-statement of the Louisiana Way. At least he skipped the obligatory backscratching or hand washing references…

Back to Dollar Bill’s use of gangster (not gangsta) euphemisms. I halfway expect him to say something like “Jack Abramhoff sleeps with the fishes.” Oops wrong metaphor wrong scandal. That’s the problem: as long as Dollar Bill stays in office the Repubs can keep saying “everybody does it” and NOLA will continue to get the shaft. Perhaps he should spread some African art around the House chamber: there are many collectors of Dollar Bill’s kind of African art in Congress after all.


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