Mon, 12 Jun 2006 16:35:15

No this is not about Bette Midler’s mid-career memoirs. It’s a followup on the low rent blogger summit between dangerblond and me. Here’s what she posted on her blog:

“I met Adrastos for the first time in person yesterday. He was not the swarthy tough-talking tattooed Greek sailor that I imagined so that’s good news for Dr. A. I think I must have conflated him my mind with Odysseus and Ari Onassis. Goes to show that you can’t judge a cover by the book.”

Swarthy? I do tan but I’m not into the leathery Robert Redford circa 2006 look so I stay out of the sun. It’s true that I’m not tattooed but I hang out with Harvard Boy who has enough scary tats for a flotilla of friends.

Not tough talking? What the hell you talkin’ bout toots? I can deliver a verbal ass-kicking with the best of them. Admittedly I let my fictional shamus friend Mike Hammer handle the physical stuff and he’s been out of pocket. The last I heard he was in Los Angeles trying to get a peek at  Anthony Pellicano’s videos to see what he’s got on Garry Shandling. I dunno why Mike would care whether or not Garry’s a member of the hair club but like me he’s got a thing for Jewish comedians. We both wanted to be one and it didn’t work out for either of us…

I am relieved however that dangerblond got the Ari Onassis thing out of her head. He was richer than Croesus but he was an ugly pipsqueak who resembled Ratso Rizzo with a tan.

Finally I think I’m safe in calling dangerblond a broad. Why? The day after we met she started hanging out in burlesque joints. What a dame. Perhaps I should start calling her dangerbroad but that’s not PC and this is a liberal blog. Oh to hell with it: Mike Hammer has got my back and he loves kicking PC butt. Now if I could only locate him. Hmm maybe he was involved in the downtown massage parlor shakedown the other day. Nah he doesn’t shakedown skirts he’d rather roll a pimp any day…


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