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Fri, 16 Jun 2006 01:07:40

Item-1 DOLLAR BILL UPDATE: The House Democratic Caucus should be voting soon on whether to strip Dollar Bill Jefferson of his Ways and Means committee seat. (No dangerblond not that kind of stripping get your mind out of the gutter.) He lost some key support yesterday in the House Black Caucus. Two of that group’s most distinguished members John Lewis of Georgia and Charlie Rangel of New York plan to vote against Jefferson. Dollar Bill has now lost Atlanta and Harlem can Debrisville be far behind?

There have also been several interesting pieces posted about Dollar Bill’s wheelin’ and dealin’. Harper’s Online’s Ken Silverstein has been all over this story and even the Picayune took a break from protecting C Ray and published an article about a “loan” obtained by our Klepto Congressman. Alas my friend Stephanie Grace misfired the other day in her TP column when she urged the caucus not to vote against Dollar Bill because it would punish his home folks. It *really* won’t have that effect: the minority has NO power in the House of Reps; especially under the Coach/Bug Man regime. Yeah I know the Bug Man is gone but he’s still the insect pulling Denny Hastert’s strings. Hastert is to DeLay as OK Allen was to Huey Long. Jeez now I’m channeling the SAT…

As we all know the other day in Chi-town C Ray was back in full tilt “Katrina was God’s revenge” mode He was quoted in the Chicago Tribune and many blogs but not in his hometown newspaper.  And yes there was some good news  in the form of the AFL-CIO’s investment in NOLA BUT these comments were still newsworthy.

C Ray was also interviewed by Eric Paulsen on WWL’s 6 O’Clock news without being asked about his regurgitated comments. In short the local press corps is back in booster/Ray Ray is our man man mode. Maybe the NOLA blogosphere should have a pool as to when the local MSM will deign to mention C Ray’s outburst in front of Jesse, Maxine and all the other folks who think that he’s a civil rights hero. Boy did they get the wrong  number…


 Fri, 16 Jun 2006 01:12:45

I was finally able to get our Netflix subscription revved up this week. I’d tried in mid-May but the USPS wasn’t quite ready. Besides those of us who live in the 70115 zip code are used to having bad mail service. We had so many problems pre-K that Dr. A was on a first name basis with the manager of the mail sorting room at the Louisiana Street Post Office. He’s been transferred alas.

The first DVD in our queue was Werner Herzog’s “Grizzly Man” with music by the great Richard Thompson. “Grizzly Man” is about the real life adventures of nature naif and hammy actor wannabe Timothy Treadwell. Treadwell spent 13 summers hangin’ with the grizzlies in Alaska before becoming a pre-hibernation meal for a cranky old bear. Treadwell was not only an eco-warrior but he filmed his Alaskan jaunts and Herzog uses the footage to great and deeply twisted effect.

Anyway as we watched the film unfold we realized that Timothy Treadwell reminded us of Queer Eye fashion maven Carson Kressley. Treadwell’s voice mannerisms and even his hair were very Carson-like. Mind you a guy who hangs with grizzly bears is inherently butcher than one of the Fab Five but a resemblance is a resemblance. Here’s another view:

I’m not sure one would call them qualified for the separated at birth feature that ran in Spy Magazine during the Eighties BUT they’re pretty darn close. Carson has the good sense of course to keep away from grizzly bears so he remains undigested.

Back to “Grizzly Man” the movie. There’s a great extra feature on the DVD about the recording of the soundtrack. The music was largely improvised with the director present. It’s fascinating to watch guitar gods Richard Thompson and Henry Kaiser work and interact with Werner Herzog. The legendary German director urges restraint on the musicians; at one point telling the percussionist that he wants him to play softly: “I don’t vant it to sound like ze hippies playing in Golden Gate Park.” Bummer man…