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Thu, 22 Jun 2006 17:39:30

I was watching the WWL morning news today and they had some guy from the Tulane School of Public Health talking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It suddenly hit me that everyone at City Hall has PTSD or at least acts as if they do. Hell I probably have a mild case of it myself; especially this week when it’s hard to be optimistic about the future of NOLA.

Our city government needs less drama and more follow through. Monday’s press event was so emotional that it conveyed the impression that there’s a gangbanger on every doorstep. Let’s not forget that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (JPSO) considered 3 of the kids killed on Saturday to be suspects in at least 1 drive-by shooting. I nearly spewed when I heard Governor Meemaw refer to them as “these poor children.” I’m not in favor of allowing the gangbangers to wipe one another out BUT let’s tell the truth about what really happened instead of succumbing to drama.

I’m also struck by the weird comments coming out of City Hall about the curfew. They act as if they’re reinventing the wheel which is nonsense and not even good spin. I know for a fact that Second District Commander Captain Eddie Hosli rigorously enforced the curfew pre-K. The notion that we need to wait until next Tuesday to enforce the curfew is ludicrous;  the law is already on the books and there’s a place to house the little darlings. Pick ’em up ASAP.

Speaking of government by PTSD. C Ray remains incommunicado maybe he’s visiting VP Duce in his bunker. Check this out:

“City Council President Oliver Thomas said the mayor had not discussed the curfew with him since Monday. “The community is ready for the curfew to be enacted yesterday ” Thomas said. “We’re ready yesterday. We’re waiting on the mayor and the (police) chief.”

We haven’t caught a glimpse of C Ray in public since Monday. What is he doing? Waxing his head? Once again C Ray’s vanishing act shows why being a professional pol shouldn’t automatically be a dirty word: a savvier Mayor would have rolled out some good news this week to show that we’re not going straight to hell in that proverbial handbasket. I know that C Ray may have PTSD like the rest of us but if he can’t cope he should not have stood for re-election.

I also begin to wonder who is really running things at City Hall. Check out this quote from Governor Meemaw’s statement about sending in the National Guard:

“I spoke with Councilman Oliver Thomas early this morning and I told him that I am in full support of the New Orleans City Police officers and will work to stop this escalating criminal activity.  This afternoon I briefed the mayor on our plans to support the city with law enforcement efforts.”

I’m not sure if this just reflects Meemaw’s antipathy for C Ray or if Oliver the Actor called the Governor to ask for help while the Mayor dithered. Of course Oliver said some preposterous things on Monday too:

Are we going to rise up and protest against the thugs? Are we going to march on them?”

A march on the thugs? They have automatic weapons and enjoy using them, Oliver. It sounds like PTSD speaking y’all. Yo, Oliver we need less drama and more action from you too. This City is being governed by reflex right now as if City Hall were a giant nerve responding to stimuli without stopping to think. We need considered and intelligent action and not brave words and empty gestures.


Thu, 22 Jun 2006 15:32:12

I’m feeling vaguely like Walter Winchell today. Winchell was the political/gossip columnist and radio talking head who was very powerful during the Thirties and Forties. He had both FDR and J Edgar Heehaw (aka Hoover aka the G-man in a G-string) leaking juicy stories to him. Me I have no power and Deep Blog doesn’t have access to FBI files. I would however be willing to emulate Winchell and narrate episodes of a remake of “The Untouchables.” I don’t have his staccato machine gun delivery but I could work on it…

Anyway I was scrolling the Daily Kos this morning and came upon a post about of all things a story from the supermarket tabloid the Globe. I was at the store yesterday and the line was so short that I didn’t have time to scan the tabs for funny tidbits. The Globe claims that Laura Bush is pissed off at President Beavis because he’s drinkin’ again and foolin’ around with Condi (Large Scary Teeth) Rice; talk about white on rice. The tabloids will usually print anything about anybody and are frequently wrong BUT the Globe did get the Gary Hart President Elvis and Jesse Jackson sex stories right. So who the hell knows?

Below is the front page of the Globe. I like how Laura-Dubya-n-Condi are linked to the dread Angelina Jolie and Scott Fricking Peterson: