Sat, 24 Jun 2006 20:31:10

Yesterday I checked my top secret real name email and found a note from Schroeder of PGR reknown. He was forwarding an email invite to a blogger salon thingee. I scrolled down and learned that the hosts were none other than my friends Shane and Becky Landry. It was a surreal experience to be invited to a party by someone you only know from the blogosphere that turned out to be hosted by people you know in the real world. It made my day: I was able to e-tease Shane relentlessly which is always fun. Adding to the oddity was that Schroeder couldn’t make it. I was disappointed: he’s on my top secret list of NOLA bloggers I’d most like to meet. See ya next time boychik.

Anyway back to our evening at Chez Landry. When we arrived Dr. A expressed her mock outrage that our boy Shane had snubbed us. Becky piled on which is what she usually does. Poor Shane he’s someone people love to tease. Btw he has a new look: he’s clean shaven.  Dr. A approves.

Shane and Becky’s son Jesse spent much of the evening entertaining us with his madcap antics. He had some interesting syncretic warrior outfits: at one point he was part Jedi and part Roman. Just call him Jesse Skywalker Caligula. Ohmigod I just called the cute blond French boy Caligula. Oh well I can’t call him Nero: that’s C Ray… 

Ashley Morris and Dangerblond were there and I met Oyster and Maitri for the first time. They were shocked at how reserved somber and humorless I am in person. Anybody buying this? Oyster is very nice and extremely tall for a bi-valve. He might even be able to take Dangerblond in a fight but she’s much meaner. <running quickly for cover> I think Maitri may have said something about being the last incarnation of Vishnu or did she say that she was Mahavishnu John McLaughlin? Oh yeah that’s right it was something about being a Brahmin bull? I dunno I felt muddled…

Except for my presence it was a very congenial gathering: Becky Landry is always a great hostess and Shane is well Shane. When we get together we usually try to solve all the world’s problems. I let y’all know when we come up with something tangible. Since there were other targets in the room I decided NOT to tease Shane. There’s a first time for everything. I was pretty easy on Oyster and Maitri and trained my verbal fire on Dangerbroad and Ashley. At one point Oyster asked “Why are you sparing me?” I told him I’d catch him next time…


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