Wed, 28 Jun 2006 19:03:32

As the Kinks Ray Davies is wont to say: “We’re in a state of confusion whoah whoah whoah.” Governor Meemaw and C Ray are doing what they do best: sowing the seeds of confusion. At least it’s on different issues this time around. I guess that’s an improvement…

Item-1 Meemaw Chokes On The Smoking Ban: I thought that this was a done deal y’all. Governor Meemaw had allegedly pledged to sign Senator Marionneux’s smoking ban. So why is she allowing herself to be lobbied by the dread Rep. Cedric Richmond and officials of the Looziana Restaurant Association? Their arguments are specious: business in New York City eateries actually went up *after* they enacted a smoking ban. Additionally going wobbly on this issue is a sign of weakness on Meemaw’s part. Whatever happened to the comeback strategy? Weakness under pressure won’t win her any votes. Sign the bill Meemaw. It’s the right thing to do and the vast majority of your constituents are non-smokers. It’s time to make la vie en fumer a thing of the past.

Item-2 C Ray’s Endless State Of Emergency: Councilmen-at-Large Oliver the Actor and Arnie (Mr. Rogers) Fielkow sent our erstwile Mayor a letter requesting that the SOE be ended. In support of keeping the emergency powers City Attorney Penya Moses-Fields claims that the feds will stop being nice to us if the SOE is ended. (Penya? She oughta sue her parents for that name. She’s already being punished enough by being C Ray millionth City Attorney.) I’m skeptical. I think that C Ray wants to keep governing (if you want to call it that) with as little oversight as possibe. After all he *thinks* he knows what he’s doing: “Come on man. Trust me man.”

It’s time for the SOE to end. What has C Ray done with his quasi-dictatorial powers? Under the SOE he had the power to deal with the trash issue but did not do so until Monday. It’s time for the legislative branch to have the power to hold C Ray’s feet to the fire. (I love the smell of burning wingtips in the morning.) Yes he’s in a manic phase this week but he’s bound to take another extended nap soon.

Right now we have the *worst* form of government: a weak dictatorship. We just held an election so it’s time to return to democracy. I’d like to see if the new councilmembers are up to the job or if I have to start calling them council clowns like their predecessors and holdovers the two Cynthias Hedgehog-Morrell and Windy-Lewis.

Item-3 Oyster On Crime Confusion: My favorite bi-valvular blogger Oyster has an excellent post about the implications of *how* C Ray asked for the return of  the National Guard. Get thee to Your Right Hand Thief.



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