Fri, 07 Jul 2006 05:00:00

The title of this entry is faintly Billy Preston-like: “Nothin’ from nothin’ means nothin’. You gotta have something if you wanna be with me.” That was the long way to say that it’s a punny nonsensical title. Of course I stopped making sense years ago. (I’ll  skip the obvious Talking Heads joke.) This is the pun: I arose like Lazarus from my semi-deathbed and had lunch at a very good Greek restaurant in Plano with the cliched name of Zorba’s. The food is very good and relatively uncompromising Greek cuisine. My cousin Tina is friends with everyone there so it’s sort of like going to Cheers with Norm.

I was a bit shaky but my other cousin Bill wanted to see me so I decided to try sitting up for awhile. The last time I saw Bill was last September when he sounded like he’d swallowed Fox’s Katrina coverage whole. I wanted to throttle him. This time he was on his best behavior which was a good thing since I’m too weak to throttle anyone. Mind you Bill is still a wingnut but if we skip politics we get along quite well. He’s a rascal and a major BS artist which are traits that run in the family. I don’t have them but I hear that other relatives do. Anyone buying this?

I just took a peek at  NOLA.COM and was pleased to see that there’s a furor about ex-Council Clown Gill-Pratfall’s big ass govmint SUV. The Feebs are actually looking into whether or not Dollar Bill’s lackey has violated any laws. I see that Oliver the Actor and Cynthias Windy-Lewis and Hedgehog-Morrell have returned their “donated” cars. Why on earth should City Councilmembers be given access to free vehicles? New Orleans was strapped for cash pre-K and is on its knees now. The Council needs to start cleaning up its act pronto. The one I’m disappointed in is Oliver the Actor I would have thought that he’d know better. I was wrong. Get your shit together Oliver. You can’t expect citizens to make sacrifices when you’re riding around in a free car.

This is my last screed from Texas. We’re motoring home tomorrow. I only hope I feel well enough to help with the driving. Hmm maybe I should ask City Hall to provide us with a driver. Hey Oliver can ya do that dawlin’?


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