Fri, 14 Jul 2006 18:35:50

As you may have noticed I love old movies. I’m particularly fond of  the dark shadowy and cynical world of post-World War II  film noir. All this talk of the geek dinner has got me thinking of the uber weird big budget film noir “Nightmare Alley” starring of all people Tyrone Power. Power plays a carny who through a series of bizarre plot twists becomes the geek. In old school carny sideshows the geek was someone whose act usually involved doing disgusting things like biting the head off a live chicken. I know it sorta sounds like Ozzy Osbourne; well he’s an old school rock geek with more money than brains.

Now I know that modern geeks tend to be eccentric artists computer programmers techheads of all sorts musicians and I daresay bloggers but what if this party is full of old school geeks looking for impressionable bloggers to recruit? There are some major weirdos who will be there after all. I plan to keep a low profile and watch my back. I’ll let y’all know if anyone hands me a live bird…


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