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Tue, 18 Jul 2006 20:18:37

Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti announced today that a Memorial (Baptist) Hospital doctor and 2 nurses have been charged with second degree murder for “mercy killing” in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The usually mild mannered Dr. A has been fuming about this all day: the patients involved were terminally ill and were being legally administered doses of morphine that would kill the average person reading this. Why? The worse the pain the more morphine you need; so the doses must be increased to properly relieve the pain.

My understanding of the case is that the patients involved were in an hospice program which means that they were near death before the storm. The hospital’s generator failed rather quickly post-K so these patients were in for a very painful and horrible death because of the conditions. Additionally the doctor who brought these allegations to public attention is a publicity hound whose story has changed 97 times since he appeared on CNN last fall.

No crimes were committed at Memorial Hospital last fall. The doctors and nurses did the best they could in truly horrible conditions. They were stranded at that hospital for nearly a week and inevitably some of the sickest patients died. It’s a tragedy but whatever happened at the hospital no crimes were committed.

These charges are both a miscarriage of justice and a misallocation of public resources. Mr. Foti claimed at one point to be investigating the Corps and the Levee board to see if there was any criminal culpability for the 1 200+ people who died because of their negligence. What happened to that investigation Mr. Foti?

There’s been a lot of discussion of the health care crisis in NOLA post-K. These specious charges will have a chilling effect on the practice of medicine in this area. The health care system here is already hemorrhaging doctors and nurses. And pressing these charges is likely to accelerate the departure of the experienced doctors and nurses we need to care for us. Shame on you Mr. Foti.


Tue, 18 Jul 2006 18:04:11

C Ray’s chief clone and n’eer do well technology honcho Greg Meffert’s resignation was made public yesterday. The rumor mill has been buzzing for weeks that a scandal involving Meffert is about to break. It hasn’t yet but I expect the next shoe to drop soon. Thump. I was tickled by the fact that Nagin announced this on a Monday even though Meffert quit last Friday. Everyone else in the world knows that you release bad news on Fridays or Saturdays. Everyone that is except for C Ray.  C is for Cretin.

Anyway I have some advice for C Ray: howzabout Ashley Morris for CTO. Hell Ashley has already thrown his hat into the ring. Imagine Ashley testifying before the City Council and being blunt with Cynthia Windy-Lewis: “I say this with all due respect: Don’t you ever shut the fuck up Councilwoman?” Not only is Ashley a larger than life character he’s COMPETENT and knows his way around all the operating systems. Hell he’s even going to help me with my wacked out desktop: He da man. Of course if buffing and waxing C Ray’s empty bald pate is part of the job Ashley is apt to pass…

So C Ray hire someone who knows his way around HTML after having the faux computer guru Greg Meffert. Do you really want it said: Ashley Morris Good Enough For NATO But Not For Nagin…


Tue, 25 Jul 2006 16:30:37

Some people are stuck on stupid I’m stuck on Shecky. And  Shecky is stuck on the surreal notion of comedy night at Harrah’s as part of the Katrina kommemoration. So I’m wondering what kind of jokes one would tell at a such an event. I haven’t fleshed anything out but here are a few ideas:

A priest a rabbi and a minister float into a bar…kaboom.

A refrigerator magnet says to a refrigerator maggot…rim shot.

C Ray Brownie and Chertoff walk into a bar…bada bing bada boo.

My blogging colleagues are abuzz about the latest idiocy from City Hall: Dangerblond Gentilly Girl Maitri Dr. Morris and Jack at the NO Metroblog Thingee all posted indignantly amusing rants. My favorite post came from Markus at the Wet Bank Guide who wrote:

“Most of my reactions are visceral and unpleasant. The nicest suggestion I have is to round up all of the remaining unopened refrigerators we can find and dump the contents out in front of all the entrances to Harrah’s right before the Gala. Perhaps we could somehow manage some tickets (or at least an unlocked door) and enact the Masque of the Brown Death a silent parade of people dressed as the folks as the Convention Center and as the dead to silently march through the festivities.”

How about some maggot costumes? The year that “Titanic” was such a huge hit Dr. A was Molly Brown and I was a frozen dead guy for Mardi Gras. So I could be a bloated corpse for the gala. This is what tackiness leads to tastlessness. I think I’ve been hanging out with Dr. Morris too much lately…


Tue, 18 Jul 2006 03:30:50

I just learned from my new friend Lisa Palumbo that an old acquaintance of mine Vince Welnick committed suicide on June 2 2006. Vince was one of the original Tubes later played with Todd Rundgren and had a 5 year stint as the Grateful Dead’s 6th and final keyboard player. The keyboard slot was to the Dead what drummers were to fictional rockers Spinal Tap: JINXED. Vince also fronted his own band Missing Persons.

When I knew Vince back in the heyday of the Tubes he was usually the coolest guy in the room and always the best pianist. Vince was known for his bushy hair wraparound shades and slightly goofy smile. Vince suffered from severe depression in his final years and was embittered over being excluded from various re-groupings by the Dead. It’s a very sad story indeed.

Despite his time with the Dead I’ll always think of him as the token sane member of that gloriously insane band the Tubes. The Tubes were known for their elaborate stage show and Vince was the straight man just like John Entwistle was in the Who. And like the late great Who bassist Vince was a brilliant musician. When Vince tickled the ivories they tickled him back y’all.

I recall Vince as a sweet and kindly man and a generous musician. He was a joy to play with and it’s a shame that he came to such a tragic end.  Au revoir mon ami.