Tue, 18 Jul 2006 18:04:11

C Ray’s chief clone and n’eer do well technology honcho Greg Meffert’s resignation was made public yesterday. The rumor mill has been buzzing for weeks that a scandal involving Meffert is about to break. It hasn’t yet but I expect the next shoe to drop soon. Thump. I was tickled by the fact that Nagin announced this on a Monday even though Meffert quit last Friday. Everyone else in the world knows that you release bad news on Fridays or Saturdays. Everyone that is except for C Ray.  C is for Cretin.

Anyway I have some advice for C Ray: howzabout Ashley Morris for CTO. Hell Ashley has already thrown his hat into the ring. Imagine Ashley testifying before the City Council and being blunt with Cynthia Windy-Lewis: “I say this with all due respect: Don’t you ever shut the fuck up Councilwoman?” Not only is Ashley a larger than life character he’s COMPETENT and knows his way around all the operating systems. Hell he’s even going to help me with my wacked out desktop: He da man. Of course if buffing and waxing C Ray’s empty bald pate is part of the job Ashley is apt to pass…

So C Ray hire someone who knows his way around HTML after having the faux computer guru Greg Meffert. Do you really want it said: Ashley Morris Good Enough For NATO But Not For Nagin…


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