Tue, 25 Jul 2006 16:30:37

Some people are stuck on stupid I’m stuck on Shecky. And  Shecky is stuck on the surreal notion of comedy night at Harrah’s as part of the Katrina kommemoration. So I’m wondering what kind of jokes one would tell at a such an event. I haven’t fleshed anything out but here are a few ideas:

A priest a rabbi and a minister float into a bar…kaboom.

A refrigerator magnet says to a refrigerator maggot…rim shot.

C Ray Brownie and Chertoff walk into a bar…bada bing bada boo.

My blogging colleagues are abuzz about the latest idiocy from City Hall: Dangerblond Gentilly Girl Maitri Dr. Morris and Jack at the NO Metroblog Thingee all posted indignantly amusing rants. My favorite post came from Markus at the Wet Bank Guide who wrote:

“Most of my reactions are visceral and unpleasant. The nicest suggestion I have is to round up all of the remaining unopened refrigerators we can find and dump the contents out in front of all the entrances to Harrah’s right before the Gala. Perhaps we could somehow manage some tickets (or at least an unlocked door) and enact the Masque of the Brown Death a silent parade of people dressed as the folks as the Convention Center and as the dead to silently march through the festivities.”

How about some maggot costumes? The year that “Titanic” was such a huge hit Dr. A was Molly Brown and I was a frozen dead guy for Mardi Gras. So I could be a bloated corpse for the gala. This is what tackiness leads to tastlessness. I think I’ve been hanging out with Dr. Morris too much lately…


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