Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:12:02

I posted somewhat in haste yesterday based on the assumption that the press knew what they were talking about. Why on earth did I assume such a thing? I plead temporary insanity. I should know that the media knows absolutely nothing about the legal system. The Memorial Hospital Three were “accused” of murder by the AG but not “charged.” The press assumed more co-operation with the Orleans Parish DA’s office than had really happened. In short Charlie Foti has dumped a 3 ton sack of shit in Eddie Jordan’s lap. Splat.

I think that my colleague Dangerblond cut to the chase in pointing out that Foti’s posturing may have more to do with potential civil cases against Tenet than with a criminal case. If that’s so Foti’s posturing is even more shameful. It is highly unusual to arrest people who have NOT been formally charged in the context of an 11 month long investigation. Mr. Foti was too busy pandering to religious leaders and posturing for the cameras to consider the irregular nature of his actions. I suspect however that Foti was disappointed by the low key national coverage of the initial announcement: they’re too busy covering that pesky Middle Eastern crisis to give Charlie more play.  Sorry Charlie.

Finally I continue to find the allegations by Foti to be incredible: would an experienced MD run around informing staff that she planned to dispatch patients? Not bloody likely. This sounds like a cartoon version of the real world. Patients are eased out of pain and allowed to die in peace every day.  I suspect that the people who scream the loudest about “mercy killing” haven’t seen close friends and relatives die slowly and in agonizing pain. I have and it taught me that there are things that are much worse than death.


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