Mon, 21 Aug 2006 21:41:31

Clarence Hunt is a perennial candidate; one could almost call him a quadrennial candidate. He seems to be feuding via email with another Clarence that’s right our shiny headed absentee Mayor C Ray Nagin. Hunt ran against C Ray in 2002 and received the votes of most but not all of his relatives.  Hunt is that rare bird: an African-American Republican. And unlike C Ray who switched parties to become a Mayor/Civil Rights Hero C-Hunt is the real deal. Hmm I wonder if  Lloyd Bridges knows about C-Hunt? Oops he’s dead. Never mind…

Anyway there were some juicy bits of the Clarence’s flame war in the New Orleans Politics column in Saturday’s Picayune. Bruce Eggler did however display a bit of historical ignorance when he wrote:

“It all began [the feud] with a series of e-mails among local political activists about whether African-Americans should vote Republican or Democratic and which party has done more for minority groups. It all played out under the bizarre heading “Why Martin Luther King was a Republican.”

If C-Hunt was referring to MLK’s father known far and wide as Daddy King he was absolutely correct. Daddy King remained a registered Republican until switching in 1976 when his fellow Georgian Jimmy Carter ran for President. Daddy King of course was a member of the now extinct Rockefeller-Javits wing of the Republican party. Yeah I know what you’re thinking: only a know-it-all would know or care about such an arcane detail. In the immortal words of Elvis Costello “Girl I stand accused.” Not only am I a know-it-all I’m a smart ass. Surprised? I thought not. End of digression.

Back to the war of the Clarences. C-Hunt provoked a response from C Ray when he dared to call him MIA:

“Then Hunt chimed in with a message saying among many other things that “with the billions of dollars in local/state/federal redevelopment money flowing into New Orleans we do not have any meaningful leadership . . . who are vigorously advocating for African-American equity participation in contract allocation. Mayor Nagin should be the primary advocate of economic parity but he is MIA (missing in action).”

Hunt also accused Nagin of being “completely into the throes of the King Rex crowd” and “controlled by the elite Southern aristocracy.” Nagin fired back this e-mail to Hunt: “You need to get a life! Only one MIA is you!”

Hunt replied with an e-mail addressed to “Mr. Mayor Moonbeam ” telling Nagin “It’s a shame that the people of New Orleans re-elected such a buffoon as yourself” and predicting that Nagin’s “recall is right around the corner my friend.” He signed it “Your friend Clarence.”

Nagin’s response: “You have to win first before someone can attempt to recall you. . . . God bless you my fellow moonbeam!”

There are several interesting things about this exchange. First I have a new reason to dislike C Ray: he’s an exclamation point slut. As long time and/or observant readers of this blog know I don’t do exclamation points. I can tolerate a few well placed ones but exclamation point promiscuity disturbs me…

Then there’s C-Hunt’s calling C Ray Mayor Moonbeam. C Ray is unworthy of that nickname. Jerry Brown was dubbed Governor Moonbeam back in the Seventies because people thought he had some flaky kooky ideas. BUT Jerry Brown has more intelligence in his pinky toe than C Ray has in his entire body. It’s blasphemy I tell ya. 

Yo C-Hunt leave that nickname alone or slap it on somebody who has something on the ball as opposed to the bald. That’s not entirely accurate: Jerry Brown is follically challenged too. In fact Brown who is now Mayor of Oakland is running for California Attorney General and his opponent is trying to revive the Moonbeam label. It’s not sticking. C-Hunt should stick to deep sea diving…


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